What are the Best Paper Cutter Blades?

August 16, 2018

Best Paper Cutter Blades

Answer: Diamond Cut bi-metallic tool steel blades.

When you use a high quality paper cutter blade in your cutting machine, you ensure an accurate and straight cut from the first sheet of your stack, to the last. You also ensure the absolute minimum amount of wear to your paper cutter itself, as using a dull blade causes extra stain on the machine and can contribute to damage, harming your expensive equipment investment.

To ensure you are using the best paper cutter blades, always buy your replacements from Binding101.com. We stock the absolute highest quality manufactured paper cutter knives, in several grades of steel, as well as for every paper cutter manufacturer on the market, including Adast, Baum, Challenge, Chandler and Price, EBA, Horizon, Imerial, Itotec, Kolbus, Lawson, Polar, and so many more.

All of our blades are Diamond Cut and manufactured with bi-metallic grades of steel that offer premium quality and exceptional blade life, while keeping them affordable. They are actually designed to not just meet the manufacturer's specifications, but to actually exceed them in quality and length of blade life. This means they are even better than the name brand cutter blades, but are almost always less expensive.

Listed by the cutter manufacturer and model numbers, you can easily find the exact cutting blade you need. Or if you don't see your cutter manufacturer, or your specific cutter model, don't worry -- we stock more than what we list online, and we can also custom-made blades to your exact specifications, when needed. This includes the blade dimensions, any holes included, and the composition makeup.

With these premium quality paper cutter blades, you know you are getting the best of the best. So why let your paper finishing suffer, and why wear down your expensive paper cutter faster by using a sub-bar alternative? Click here to shop our full range of paper cutter replacement blades online, or call us at (866) 537-2244 with your blade specs for a custom-made quote. And don't forget to pair them with the best cutting sticks on the market to see their true potential.

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