Shredding Service vs. Buying a Shredder: Why Buying a Shredder is the Smart Choice

May 14, 2018

Ever wondered whether you should call a shredding service or buy your own shredder? It is important to know that investing in your own paper shredder is almost always the smartest and safest solution when dealing with confidential documents. Here are some important points to consider before selecting a paper shredding service over buying your own shredder:

Price: In these tough economical times, we know how difficult it is to purchase a large shredding machine. But your security is not something to take lightly. We have a variety of shredders from personal/home office paper shredders all the way up to industrial shredding machines and even media and pharmacy shredders. Consider this: most shredding services charge 3-4 times the actual amount that it costs them to shred your documents. Why get taken by these expensive shred services when you can purchase your own paper shredder and have it paid off in what would be just two to five months of using a paper shredding service? Also consider the space that all of the shredded material will be taking up until the shred service picks it up. With a couple of shredders, you can use less floor space than having bin after bin full of shredded paper.

Additional Fees: While mobile shredding services may seem inexpensive on the outside, you need to consider what exactly they are charging you for. For example, we sold a shredder to a customer who was switching from a shredding service because of the bills they were receiving. They were originally quoted $300 / month for 10 bins of paper to shred. What the shred company failed to mention was the surcharges amounting in near $200 that were not included in the price. Most shredding services charge additional fees for fuel, the number of pounds they will be removing from your property, the time spent in the building, the number of bins they pick up, and some even charge an additional fee for shredding the paper on sight, which is the only way for you to ensure that they are actually destroying your confidential documents.

Insecure: Another fact to consider is that most of the shredding services are not all secure. Nearly all document shredding services use a security level 1 or 2 shredder because they have a high capacity and can shred quickly and inexpensively. This means that your important documents with personal and confidential information will be shred into strips 1/4" - 1/8" thick. This leaves your paper in as few as 34 long strips. It may sound secure, but think about this: puzzles with over 100 pieces can be put together very quickly, and for someone as determined as a thief, putting together a 34 strip puzzle would be a piece of cake. Here is another example of how insecure shred services can sometimes be: We had another customer who was being billed for a shred service on an additional, nonexistent, building of his company. He had three buildings, and for 10 years the shredding service was "ghost billing" him for shred services on a forth building that did not even exist.

The only way to guarantee that you are doing everything in your power to protect your company and personell's information is to buy a paper shredder and shred yourself. This leaves the documents in your own hands until they are destroyed, and eliminates any wondering or guess work.

Ready to buy a paper shredder? Start your search for a new shredder here, and conveniently shop using the filters on the left by the intended user / volume, the cut type, the feed width maximum, the brand, and more. Or if you need help choosing the best shredder for your needs, call us at (866)537-2244.

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