Best P.O.P. Photo Products & Same-Day Photobooks for Print Shops, Retailers, & Photo Studios

November 15, 2018

Best POP Photo Products + for Same-Day Photobooks for Print Shops, Retailers + Photo Studios

If you own or are a buyer for a print and copy shop, or a photographer at a photo studio, or a retail store looking to increase profits with new and exciting products that you won't be able to keep on the shelves (because they will be so popular), then now is the perfect time to get your holiday specials ready and start offering your customers some on-demand prints and holiday gift ideas. That is why we want to share our Pinchbooks with you! They are top-quality hard cover photobooks that feature a patented "pinching" spine that grabs onto photos to bind them. This means there is no punching, sewing, or gluing needed to make quick hard cover photobooks. We know that the world of DIY'ing and "making" is growing and growing; so why not offer your customer's something they can make? Pinchbook photo books are an amazing solution for point of purchase displays at print shops and photo studios, as well as same-day photo book offers. Here is why...

1. Large Profit Margin - Pinchbooks are very inexpensive, which gives you more room to mark up for retail pricing to your customers, increasing your profits. Starting at only about $1.53 each*, photo and print shop businesses can sell these DIY photobooks for $7-15 (depending on the size) because more complicated competitive solutions are even more expensive than that. This means margins around 80%. Or sell them for lower to get some bulk orders from customers. CVS actually sells fully-completed Pinchbooks as "same day photobooks" for $17.00+, depending on the size. So you can offer them in the same manner, as well as sell the blank books for your customers who want to DIY them and print their photos at home.

2. Easy for Users to Make - It is easy to sell a product that is easy to use. Because Pinchbooks can be made in only 5 seconds, they will sell themselves with a quick demonstration. Just open up the covers wide enough for the spine to expand, place the photo pages into the spine, and then close the cover again and they are done. The spine has a tab at the bottom to help align the pages straight, and they can hold up to about 25 sheets of photo paper**.

3. Easy Marketing - The speed for which Pinchbooks can be made, and the heartfelt feeling people get from receiving photo gifts makes them perfect for those looking for last-minute gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. They offer fast, convenient DIY gifts, and an opportunity to upsell your printing services if you choose to offer them as fully completed photobooks.

Ready to use Pinchbooks to bring your business extra cash this holiday season?

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* Price displayed is for photo books currently on clearance. Click here to shop all clearance sizes and colors for the lowest cost.
** May vary depending on photo paper or paper stock being used. 20 lb. bond sheet capacity is about 35 sheets and basic photo paper is about 25 sheets.