How to Make Educational Presentations

June 4, 2019

If you work within the education industry, no matter what department, you likely have come across various educational presentations. If you are in the finance department, perhaps you have seen budget demonstrations, or if you are in administration, perhaps you have seen training materials. Perhaps you have even bound these presentations yourself and know that the process can often be time-consuming and cause some fatigue.

Well, in this blog we are going to discuss some of the best ways to make educational presentations of all kinds, without the hassle associated with traditional or old-fashioned punch-and-bind machines (like plastic comb binders or the flimsy slide-on binding bars). Make your lectures and reports more professional than ever, without spending a lot of time, or investing a lot of money.

All of the below solutions are fast, simple, affordable, and professional.

Why Bind Educational Documents?

Binding papers is a great way to organize them together, as well as create a nice presentation that looks and feels impressive. Plain stapled pages are efficient, sure, but they are not professional nor qualified for specialty situations. With a nice presentation, including covers and a good binding spine, you can actually impress clients and staff, as well as give them a handy reference-book that is easy to store, file, and review whenever needed.

Strive for excellence with presentations that stand out, inspire, and deliver meaningful material for your faculty, supporters, and students.

Popular Binding Solutions for:
• Financial Statements
• Donor Presentations
• Yearbooks
• Portfolios
• Thesis
• Dissertations
• Reports
• Projects
• Board Minute Journals
• PTA/PTO Minutes
• Much More!

Option 1: Hard Covers (with no machine)

DIY Hard Covers for Educational Presentations and Reports - No Machine Needed

Arguably the most impressive of all: a hard cover presentation. It looks fantastic, and feels sturdy and expensive in your client and staff's hands, but they would never know how affordable these DIY hard covers are...

Called Pinchbooks, these hard covers start at just $1.75 each, and can be edited over and over and over again for re-use as many times as your school may need. They take just 5 seconds to make (yes, you read that right...5 seconds), require no machines, tools, or special training, and come in a huge variety of sizes and colors (including both with and without window cut-outs on the fronts). These editable hard cover binders will hold a maximum of about 70 pages front-and-back (35 sheets*) and work great for a variety of educational presentation and reporting needs. Packaged with just 5 or 10 per box, depending on the size, you won't have to over-buy and take up a bunch of space in your stock room (or spend too much of your allotted budget).

What you Need:

  1. Pinchbook in your chosen size and color
  2. Presentation papers to-bind

How to Use Pinchbooks:

  1. Jog your stack of printed sheets into a square stack
  2. Open your Pinchbook covers until they touch (or until the spine clip opens)
  3. Insert your pages into the spine, and jog down to the alignment tab
  4. Close the covers -- you're done!


Thickest Presentation*Sheet SizesColorsBenefitsCons
70 Pages
(35 Sheets)
4" x 6"
5" x 7"
6" x 8"
8" x 8"
8" x 10"
8 ½" x 11"
8 ½" x 11 ¾"
8 ½" x 12"
12" x 12"
Charcoal Gray
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Light Pink
• Quick to Bind (5 Seconds)
• No Machine Needed
• Easy to Make
• Editable
• Affordable
• Professional
• Small Box Quantities
• Thinner Binding Capacity

Option 2: Thermal Covers

Thermal Binding for Schools - Fast, Affordable, Versatile

Thermal binding is another incredible solution for school binding methods, offering the most versatility of finished look of any other solution out there. That is because you can use any of several different styles of wrap-around pre-made covers. There are soft covers with clear fronts and linen backs, all-linen covers, hard cover options, and even printable solutions that you can make without any specialty printing solutions. That is why Coverbind is the ideal choice for schools that want to use their binding machine for more than just one specific kind of report.

There are a few different models of machines to choose from, starting at only about $600, with automated machines starting at about $7,000. The covers range in price depending on their style, starting at about $1.12 each. They come in various sizes to allow for binding your reports and proposals up to about 1,000 pages printed front and back (500 sheets*). The binding cycle is just 60 seconds, and the speed allotted starts at 15 documents per minute, and goes as high as 120 per minute for the more automated machines. Thermal binding with Coverbind machines and supplies are fairly affordable upfront for your school, and can pay for themselves quickly.

What you Need:

  1. Thermal binding machine
  2. Thermal binding covers in your chosen style, size, and color
  3. Presentation papers to-bind

How to Bind Thermal Binding**:

  1. Jog your stack of printed sheets into a square stack
  2. Place your pages into the cover of choice
  3. Place the cover onto the heat plate of your machine
  4. Move to the cooling rack -- you're done!


Thickest Presentation*Sheet SizesColorsBenefitsCons
1,000 Pages
(500 Sheets)
2" Thick
8 ½" x 11"
Custom Sizes
Varies on Cover Type...
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
• Fast
• Easy to Make
• Editable (1-3 times, on average)
• Affordable
• Professional
• Versatile Cover Options
• Proprietary Machines & Supplies

Option 3: Tape Bound Books

Tape Bound Documents for Schools - Simple, Use Your Own Covers

Tape binding is a simple solution for your educational reports and training manuals, especially. From Fastback, they take a fabric strip and apply it to the spine of your own book block, binding the pages together and keeping everything very flat. The major benefit of this is that you can use any covers you wish, as the supplies are a basic spine strip instead of a wrap-around cover like the other options discussed previously. Tape strips start at just about $0.25 each, depending on the style and size you choose. This makes the consumables very affordable. The machines, however, are a bit of a large investment upfront, starting at about $2,200.

What you Need:

  1. Fastback tape strips on your chosen style, width, and color
  2. Fastback tape binding machine
  3. Presentation papers to-bind (including covers)

How to Use Fastback Machines**:

  1. Jog your stack of printed sheets into a square stack
  2. Place them into the machine and read the spine size selector
  3. Insert that tape strip into the machine
  4. Remove and place on cooling rack -- you're done!


Thickest Presentation*Sheet SizesColorsBenefitsCons
700 Pages
(350 Sheets)
1 ½" Thick
8 ½" x 11"Varies on Cover Type...
Bright Blue
Navy Blue
Dark Green
• Quick to Bind (15-35 Seconds)
• Easy to Make
• Professional
• Use your own covers
• Machines are more expensive
• Limited finished look
• Not editable


These simple and fast binding solutions for schools can deliver premium quality, without harming your allotted budget. Elegant in presentation, these alternatives to traditional punch-and-bind are perfect for yearbooks, dissertations, thesis reports, financial presentations, and so much more. Whether you select to bind hard covers without a machine using Pinchbooks, or go with a thermal binding option with Coverbind, or select a tape-binding option with Fastback...each offers an exceptional finish that is sure to impress.

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* Based on standard 20 b. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock and other factors.
** Instructions are general, and will vary depending on specific machine being used.

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