Fastback Black Super Strips for Model 20 (Price per Case)
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Fastback Black Super Strips for Model 20 (Price per Case)

Brand: Fastback
  • Compatible with the Fastback Model 20 binding machine
  • Fabric linen texture
  • Offer a fast and simple tape binding solution
  • Feature unique adhesive tape technology that creates a very strong hold
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Fastback Black Super Strips are compatible with the Fastback Model 20 binding machine, and feature a fabric linen texture. They offer a fast and simple tape binding solution. Just as with the other Powis binding strips, they feature unique adhesive tape technology that creates a very strong hold, while also producing a professional and clean book. One of the appeals of Super Strip bindings is the fact that it wraps around the spine and lays flush on your pages, so it is not bulky. This makes it a great solution for mailers, machinery manuals, or any other document that may need to be filed or placed on a shelf. Because this is a spine strip, it also means you can customize your front and back cover for your particular needs, whether you use a clear gloss cover so you can see your first page, or a custom printed cover, the options are endless.
You can buy Fastback Super Strips for the Model 20 online in several different colors, in 11" length, and in either narrow, medium, or wide widths. To choose the proper width of strip for your book, use this guide: narrow strips are meant for books up to 1/2" thick, or about 125 sheets of standard 20 lb. bond copy paper and packaged with 500 strips per case. Medium is built for 1/2" to 1" thick books, or up to 250 sheets, and is packaged with 400 strips per case. Wide strips are means for 1" to 1 ½" thick books, or up to about 350 sheets, and is packaged with 300 strips per case.


Manufacturer Powis Parker
Manufacturer Part Number SUPSTRIPBLK GRP
Brand Name Fastback®
Quantity Varies by Size
Compatible Equipment Fastback 20 Binding Machine
Fastback 15XS
Fastback 15
Binding Style Fastback Thermal Tape Binding
Binding Style Fastback Binding
Length 11"
Fastback Supply Type Super Strip
Strip Capacity Narrow: 3 - 125 Sheets* [Up to 1/2" Thick Book]
Medium: 126 - 250 Sheets* [1/2" to 1" Thick Book]
Wide: 251 - 350 Sheets* [1" to 1 ½" Thick Book]
Compatible Sheet Size(s) Half Size [5 ½" W x 8 ½" H], Letter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Length: Fastback Strips 8 ½", 11"


If you have the Fastback Model 20 binding machine, then these Powis Fastback Black Super Strips are the perfect solution. These spine binding tapes offer a premium textured linen fabric look, and when paired with your Model 20, will produce high-quality, professionally bound books in as little as 15 seconds. They feature the same patented adhesive as other Powis tape strips, which provide you with an extremely secure and strong hold. The tape binding strip wraps around your book from your front cover, around your spine, and onto the back cover. Because it only covers a small portion of the covers, you can create a unique presentation using any report cover of your choosing. Some popular options include clear gloss cover, vinyl composition covers, linen covers, and even custom printed covers.

In addition to the ability to personalize each book with cover sheets, Super Strips come in a large selection of colors including black, white, light gray, dark gray, bright blue, navy blue, green, dark green, maroon, red, yellow, and brown. All of these colors are available in standard letter size length, which is 11" long, as well as in either narrow, medium, or wide widths.

Narrow width binding strips work perfectly for books up to 1/2" thick, which is equal to approximately 125 sheets of standard bond copy paper. Medium width strips will work for 1/2" through 1" thick book blocks, or between approximately 126 and 250 copy paper sheets. And lastly, the wide binding strips are perfect for thicker books between 1" and 1 ½", or between 251 to 350 sheets.

Super Strips are rugged and durable, as well as professional and clean. They provide a smooth binding option that is not bulky like other traditional bindings. This flush spine makes these similar to a traditional soft cover bound book (perfect bound), which makes them an ideal solution for filing onto book shelves or into cabinets, for mailing, for product manuals, and so much more. With the Fastback Model 20 and Super Strips, you can produce books on-demand using your own custom covers and as many as 350 sheets in as little as just 15 seconds per book, and in just 3 easy steps.

* Based on 20# bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock used.
**Mini packs (100 strips) only available in select colors and sizes listed.

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