Refurbished CoilMac ER Spiral Binding Machine [Round Holes]
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Refurbished CoilMac ER Spiral Binding Machine [Round Holes]

Brand: Akiles
  • Choose from 2 models: CoilMac-ER (Round Holes) and CoilMac-ER Plus (Oval Holes)
  • Punch Capacity: 20 Sheets
  • Disengageable Pins: Yes [CoilMac-ER has 5, CoilMac-ER+ has 44 (all)]
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Refurbished
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • While Supplies Last


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Please note that this listing is for a refurbished product. While not brand new, it has been inspected by our service technician and functions like-new. Refurbished products are only available while supplies last. Once inventory is depleted we can no longer offer this item.


Please note that this listing is for a refurbished product. While not brand new, it has been inspected by our service technician and functions like-new. Refurbished products are only available while supplies last. Once inventory is depleted we can no longer offer this item.

The Akiles CoilMac-ER spiral binding machine is available in two different models, including a standard version and a plus version. The standard model features five punching pins that can be disengagead, but all of the pins on the plus model can be disengaged, for fully customizing and punching pattern control. In addition, the standard model features the standard 4mm round holes, whereas the ER-plus machine has slightly oval holes, measuring 4mm x 5mm, which makes for easier coil inserting. Lastly, the hole spacing is very slightly different for the ER and ER+ machines; the standard model has basic 4:1 pitch, 0.250" spacing, but the plus model features an advanced 4:1 pitch, 0.248" spacing that has been formulated specifically for 44 perfect holes on a letter size 8 ½" x 11". When you buy the Akiles CoilMac-ER spiral binding machine online, you get a low to mid-volume machine with a unique feature: an attached mini coil inserter. The small inserting machine offers some of the convenience associated with a higher volume machine, but at a lower cost and for smaller volumes.


Manufacturer Akiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number AMC-ER41
Suggested User Small Office
Binding Style Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
Operation: Punching Manual
Operation: Binding Electric
Capacity: Punching 20 Sheets
Included Supplies & Accessories Coil Diameter Selector Tool
Premium Oval Coil Cutter Crimper Pliers
Compatible Supplies & Accessories 4:1 Pitch Spiral Binding Coils
Dimensions 18" x 8" x 13"
Certifications CE Certified, Manufactured to ISO9001 & 14001 Guidelines
Warranty 90-Day Warranty
Punch & Bind Capability Yes
Maximum Binding Edge 13" [54 Holes]
Open Ended Punch Yes
Throat Depth Adjustable with Punching Margin Control
Disengageable Pins Yes [CoilMac-ER has 5, CoilMac-ER+ has 44 (all)]
Product Weight (lbs) 30
Shipping Weight (lbs) 35


The Akiles CoilMac-ER Series Spiral Binding Binding Machine is a fully featured, heavy-duty manual coil punching machine, with a built-in mini electric coil inserter. The re-designed & improved CoilMac-ER is the ideal partner for low to mid-volume workloads.  It features an extended 13" punching throat with open ends, allowing for larger sheets with just a second punch (up to 26"). With a higher punching capacity than other machines of its size, the CoilMac-ER can punch through up to 20 sheets of 20# bond paper at a time. A super strength punch mechanism with an exclusive “precision guiding system" features a cast-hardened and heat-treated steel die hardened blade set for a powerful and clean punch, every time. The coil inserter is foot-pedal operated, leaving both hands free to hold your book. Side margin control lets you perfectly center your holes for different paper sizes, while document margin control offers you the ability to adjust the depth of the holes, so you can find what works for your book. Rugged all-metal construction makes the CoilMac-ER extremely reliable and durable. A large waster drawer allows for more punching with less trips to the trash can, and non-skid rubber feet keep the machine firmly in place while in use. The CoilMac-ER has received CE certification, approved through the most stringent requirements, and has also been manufactured under ISO9001 & 14001 guidelines for highest quality control & environmental management standards. Included with your purchase is a coil diameter selector tool and premium oval coil cutter crimpers.

  CoilMac ER Features     CoilMac ER+ (Plus) Features  
  Round Holes: Standard 4mm round holes.
  Oval holes: Special 4 x 5mm oval holes. The first &
  only equipment of its class to offer this advanced feature.
  Makes coil insertion much faster as compared to
  standard round holes. When used together with our HD
  Electric Coil Inserter, it will drastically save your coil
  insertion time by up to 50%.
  5 Disengageable Pins: Specially designed
  disengageable positions guarantee a clean
  punch with most standard paper sizes,
  making the CoilMac-ECI very simple to use.
  Fully Disengageable Pins: For a completely clean &
  professional punching of any paper size, all 54 pins
  can be independently pulled & disengaged.
  Standard 4:1 Pitch (0.250”): Standard pitch
  for coil binding. Punches 43 holes in a 11” sheet.
  Letter 4:1 pitch (0.248"): This revolutionary 0.248”
  coil pitch is specifically designed to give you 44
  evenly-centered holes in an 11” sheet, which provides
  the most ideal hole to edge-of-sheet margins and
  easier coil insertion. Hole pattern is 100% compatible
  with standard 4:1 pitch coils.

* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock.

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