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Plastic Jogging Blocks


Hand held plastic jogging blocks are most often used in conjunction with paper cutting machines as a reliable way to push paper stacks up against the cutting guides to get a perfectly square and straight cut. Jogging tools not only align your pages, but they also help protect the operator by keeping hands and fingers away from the cutting mechanisms and blades. The base of the jog blocks have a strong magnet installed that helps ensure even the bottom sheets of the stack are jogged perfectly, while also firmly holding your pages in-place to prepare for cutting. The plastic material used for these jogging aids is called Kimoplastic™, which offers an extremely durable and heavy duty product that is sure to withstand the toughest of conditions. The rounded handle is centered on the jog aid tool and offers a comfortable and natural grip. The perfectly sculpted 90° angled edge guarantees precision. Plastic jog blocks are available in several different sizes to fit with a huge variety of cutters. Buy plastic jogging blocks online and start quickly and safely aligning paper stocks for square and precise cuts.

Product Name Price Qty
Plastic Jogging Block [3" x 8"] Item#05LIMISJB38
Plastic Jogging Block [3" x 10"] Item#05LIMISJB310
Plastic Jogging Block [3" x 12"] Item#05GAEJOG312
Plastic Jogging Block [4" x 8"] Item#05LIMISJB48
Plastic Jogging Block [4" x 10"] Item#05LIMISJB410
Plastic Jogging Block [4" x 12"] Item#05LIMISJB412
Plastic Jogging Block [5" x 10"] Item#05GAEJOG510
Plastic Jogging Block [5" x 12"] Item#05GAEJOG512
Plastic Jogging Block [5" x 16"] Item#05GAEJOG516
Plastic Jogging Block [5" x 18"] Item#05GAEJOG518
Plastic Jogging Block [6" x 12"] Item#05GAEJOG612
Plastic Jogging Block [6" x 16"] Item#05GAEJOG616
Plastic Jogging Block [6" x 18"] Item#05GAEJOG618
Plastic Jogging Block [6" x 26"] Item#05GAEJOG626

Product Description


A Plastic Jogging Block is the efficient, safe way to jog and hold paper in a cutter. Plastic Jogger Blocks quickly and safely align paper stock for square, precise cuts. A strong magnetic base helps jog the bottom sheets perfectly and holds the stack against the side gauge during cut. These Jogging Blocks are made of heavy duty Kimoplastic™ which offers durable construction to hold up in the toughest conditions. Each Jog Aid also features a rounded handle that allows a natural grip, and a perfectly sculpted 90° angle for precise line-up. Plastic Jogging Blocks are available in a variety of sizes from 3" H x 8" L to 6" H x 26" L. 


Manufacturer Part Number JOGBLOCKPLAS GRP
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1

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