Standard Horizon PC-640 Paper Cutter
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Standard Horizon PC-640 Paper Cutter

Item #: 04SPC640
  • Can cut as wide as 25.19", as deep as 25.19", and though a stack as thick as 2.75".
  • Offers fast, accurate cutting with simple and safe operation
  • Features a built-in illuminated cut-line indicator
  • Double Safety Circuit
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Price Match Guarantee!
  • Oversize / Truck shipping
  • Brand New


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The Standard Horizon PC-640 paper cutter offers fast, accurate cutting with simple and safe operation. This semi-automatic cutter can cut as wide as 25.19", as deep as 25.19", and though a stack as thick as 2.75". This cutting machine is ideal for corporate-office use where daily cutting of paper stacks may be needed.


Item # 04SPC640
Manufacturer Standard Horizon
Manufacturer Part Number PC640
Power Voltage Single Phase 115 V, 50/60 Hz
Speed 3.3 seconds/cycle (50 Hz)
2.8 seconds/cycle (60 Hz)
Dimensions 42.2" W x 46.7" D x 51.8" H
Size 25.19"
Color Gray
Cutting Width 25.19"
Cutter Capacity* 2 ¾" Thick Stack (About 685 Sheets)
Product Weight (lbs) 700
Shipping Weight (lbs) 700
Shipping Information This item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.


The PC-640 cutter from Standard Horizon is the perfect machine for tackling large jobs safely, effectively, and easily. This powerful cutter is built to handle paper up to 25.19 inches wide and 2.75 inches thick, while still offering relatively simple operation with just three steps. There is also a key activated power switch to limit access by unauthorized users. The safe, simple to use Standard PC-640 is a great fit for any large office.

Key Features:

  • Simple operation - The PC-640 is simple to operate and requires only three steps to complete a job: set up the cut size, clamp the stock, and depress the two hand knife switches. Clamp the stock by turning the pressure handle by hand, and press the two cutting buttons. The backgauge can be adjusted by 0.5 mm / 0.019" by turning the positioning handle. The backgauge can be locked when you repeat the same cutting position.
  • Precision cutting - The cutter features a built-in illuminated cut-line indicator to help you easily find the cut line as well as a precision built back-gauge that is operated by a hand crank at the front of the table.
  • Double Safety Circuit - The system is further equipped with a hard-wired secondary safety interrupt for operator safety.
  • Safety Mechanism - The machine does not operate when the front cover is opened. Also, if either of the two cutting buttons is released during the cutting operation, the machine will be stopped immediately
  • Key Switch - The Power switch is key-activated to limit user access
  • Counter - Cut cycles are indicated on a digital counter. It helps to determine when the cutting knife should be sharpened or replaced.
  • Clamp - Special cutouts are provided on both edges of the clamp to prevent the book spine from crushing.
  • Cut Line - The LED cutting line shows the actual cutting position to allow easy and accurate positioning and operation

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