25" x 37" White MountCor Foam Pouch Boards [Gloss Laminate] (10/Bx) Item#80MCPBW2436G
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25" x 37" White MountCor Foam Pouch Boards [Gloss Laminate] (10/Bx) Item#80MCPBW2436G

Item #: 80MCPBW2436G
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  • Size: 25" x 37"
  • Color: White
  • Material: Foam Board
  • Adhesive Coating: Low-Temp Heat Activated
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25" x 37" White MountCor Foam Pouch Boards [Matte Laminate] (10/Bx) Item#80MCPBW2436M80MCPBW2436M


MountCor® pouch boards are a unique mounting board that is the premium choice for professionals who need to make a perfect mounted and laminated print. Unlike traditional pouch boards, they feature tiny holes throughout the surface, which allow for air release that helps eliminate bubbles and create the smoothest and flattest finished print. They mount and laminate in one step, eliminating wasted time and energy. MountCor low temp pouch mounting boards also feature a permanent adhesive that will bond at just 250° F, making it safe for use with even fragile, digital prints. They are pH neutral, acid-free, and can be used with most mounting-capable roll laminating machines. If you want to mount and laminate your heat-sensitive prints in one simple step, buy MountCor low temp pouch boards. They are packaged with 10 boards per box, and a gloss or matte finish laminate are available.
  • Board Type: MountCor Foam Board
  • Laminate Finish: Gloss or Matte
  • Adhesive: Heat Activated (130°F Low Temp Thermal)
  • Colors: White
  • Sizes: 25" x 37"
  • Thickness: 3/16"
  • Qty: 10 Boards / Box


ManufacturerGilman Brothers
Manufacturer Part NumberMOUNTCORPCH GRP
Quantity10 Boards / Box
Size25" x 37"
Compatible EquipmentSelect Heated Mounting-Capable Laminators
MaterialFoam Board
Product TypeHeat Activated Adhesive Boards
Board TypeMountCor
Board ColorWhite
Adhesive CoatingLow-Temp Heat Activated
Adhesive Location1-Side Adhesive
Board Thickness3/16"


Mount and laminate prints with a professional finish using MountCor pouch mounting boards. A laminate sheet is attached to a foam board, so all you have to do is insert your print between the two, and run it through a mounting-capable laminator. Unlike standard pouch boards, unique MountCor boards feature pinhole punctures throughout the board that allow for air flow to create a completely bubble-free finish and prevents the board from bowing, offering the smoothest mounted print possible. This makes them the premier choice for professionals.

In addition, MountCor boards feature a low-temperature adhesive that activates at approximately 250° Fahrenheit, mounting your print to the board, and sealing a clear laminate sheet over it. This is a low-melt thermal adhesive that is safe to use with several fragile medias, including digital. The adhesive is permanent once sealed, creating a very strong bond that won't peel over time. It even works well with traditionally hard-to-mount materials. The adhesive is acid free, as well as stable and inert, with a balanced pH level; so it won't deteriorate your sensitive media.

Between the laminate and the board is a clear liner with a grid pattern, making it simple to line up and center your print as desired. The boards are white, 3/16" thick, and the lamination is available in either a gloss or matte finish.

Key Features:

    • Air-release pinholes in the surface of the board ensures bubble-free mounting
    • Low 130°F activation temperature
    • Permanent bond adhesive offering no edge-lift when removes from press
    • Safe for ALL digital imagery, even heat-sensitive items
    • Gridded liner for easy and accurate alignment of prints
    • Available in many sizes, and white and black
    • Synthetic papers and substrates
    • Polyester encapsulated charts and maps

Ideal Applications:

    • All digital printing
    • Toner copiers, laser, plotters
    • Water borne, solvent, UV and latex inkjet
    • Posters and prints
    • Resin coated and digital photo papers
    • Synthetic papers and substrates
    • Polyester encapsulated charts and maps

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A good starting point is 250° F with a 2 foot / minute speed. Adjustments may be necessary, depending on your application. If you increase the speed, you should increase the heat approximately 10° for each foot per minute.

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