MBM Triumph™ 4700, 4705, 4810, 4815, 4850 & 4860 Replacement Blades
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MBM Triumph™ 4700, 4705, 4810, 4815, 4850 & 4860 Replacement Blades

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  • Blade Type: Standard Inlay Blades (INL)
  • Compatible Equipment: Triumph 4700, 4705, 4810, 4815, 4850, and 4860 paper cutters
  • Blade Material: 50% High Alloy Steel / 50% Standard Grade Steel
  • Exceeds OEM factory specifications and officially Diamond Cut® for extreme precision and longevity
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MBM Triumph™ 4700, 4705, 4810, 4815, 4850 & 4860 Replacement Blade [High Speed Steel, 22.444" x 3.543" x 0.393", 5 Holes (M10)] Item#05JYMBM42216H 05JYMBM42216H


Buy your new MBM Triumph™ cutter blade below, available in either standard inlay or high speed steel compositions. Both options are 22.444" x 3.543" x 0.393" and feature 5 holes*. They are Diamond Cut ® and made to extremely high quality standards, manufactured to even exceed the OEM specifications. The standard inlay blade option (INL) is popular because it offers the perfect blend of durability and price, while the high speed steel option (HSS) has an exceptionally long blade life, outlasting other blades by up to 5 years.
Not quite sure these are the right blades for your Triumph™ cutter? Call us at (866) 537-2244 so we can help!


Item # 05JYMBM42216-GRP
Manufacturer Jayhawk Plastics, Inc.
Quantity 1 Knife
Size 22.444 x 3.543 x 0.393
Compatible Equipment MBM Triumph™ 4700
MBM Triumph™ 4705
MBM Triumph™ 4810
MBM Triumph™ 4815
MBM Triumph™ 4850
MBM Triumph™ 4860
Blade Holes 5 Holes
Blade Hole Details M10


When your MBM Triumph™ cutter blade needs to be replaced, come to Binding101 for a new paper cutter knife. These blades are compatible with several Triumph™ paper cutters, including the 4700, 4705, 4810, 4815, 4850, and 4860. They are available in two different styles, either standard inlay steel or high speed steel. The standard inlay steel (INL) blades are the most popular option because they combine both strength and economic pricing. They are made with 50% standard grade steel and 50% high alloy steel. The high speed steel (HSS) blades are a premium option, manufactured with 50% standard grade steel and 50% high speed steel, which contains 18% tungsten. The bi-metallic composition is fused together to produce an extremely wear-resistant knife that lasts, on average, three to five years longer than conventional blades. Both blade options measure 22.444" x 3.543" x 0.393" and feature 5 holes*.

*Important Note: At times, cutter manufacturers will change the specs on a machine, without also changing the model name or model number. Because of this possibility, it is important to compare the spec (measurements, holes, etc.) of your machine blade with the specs listed here to be sure they match. If they do not, or if you are not sure these are the blades for you, please call us at (866) 537-2244 so we can help find you the exact cutter knife that you need.

Don't ruin your cutter with a dull blade when buying a new blade online is so simple and a fairly inexpensive solution. It is obvious that a dull blade will create rough edges, which create sub-par finished stacks that can hurt your business' quality standards and cause you to loose clients. But a dull blade also harms your machine itself, as it forces the cutter to work harder than it is supposed to, which can lead to costly repairs and damage. Don't risk harming you valuable equipment investment; buy a new MBM Triumph™ paper cutter blade online today. Consider keeping a second blade on-hand, so that when your installed blade needs sharpening or replacing, your business doesn't have to stop or slow down while you wait.

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Frequent Asked Questions

I am looking for a replacement handle for stack cutter ideal 4700 model. Does anyone replace this part?
Asked by ABox
Yes, there are two replacement handles for the Ideal 4700. There is the MBM part #3600088 which is the handle to bring blade down and part number #3600027 which is the handle for the crank. A representative will email you to help place the order.
Answer by Binding101
Will this blade fit an MBM 46E (Triumph) paper cutter ? dimensions are the same and it has 5 threaded holes
Asked by Rick
Hello Rick. Good news: the blades on this page (Standard Inlay #05JYMBM42216 and High Speed Steel #05JYMBM42216H) are also compatible with the MBM 46E. You may order either one online here: https://www.binding101.com/mbm-42216-replacement-blades
Answer by Binding101
Searching for AZCO blade replacements:GC83004D & GC83005D
Asked by Paul Winiecki
We are not familiar with the brand name AZCO. If you can email us at info@buy101.com with the blade dimensions, we can see if we can get them for you.
Answer by Mallory
I don't see the blade I need...where can I get it?
Asked by Customer

We offer a huge selection of replacement paper cutter knives that are not listed directly on our website. Just give us a call at (866)537-2244 and have your current cutter manufacturer, model name, model number, and blade specifications (dimensions, material, holes/slots) handy so we can find you exactly what you need.

Answer by Binding101

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