Pro-Lam PL227HP 27" Roll Laminator with Stand
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Pro-Lam PL227HP 27" Roll Laminator with Stand

Item #: 04PL227HP
Brand: Pro-Lam
  • Hot & Cold Laminating-Capable (Thermal & Pressure Sensitive)
  • Max Laminate Width: 27"
  • Single & Double Side Laminating-Capable
  • Variable Speed & Heat Settings
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 85+ Years Experience
  • Oversize / Truck shipping
  • Brand New


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Whether you need to laminate thin film on one side for a book cover, run a thousand menus, or mount and laminate medium format digital output, the Pro-Lam PL227HP is up to the task. It can handle polyester, nylon, polypropylene, vinyl, and plastic films. It is designed specifically for those looking for a high-performance commercial quality laminator at an affordable price. This premium 27" roll lamination machine offers an array of features that combine to create the most professional and crystal-clear output available. This machine can truly do it all!
  • Hot & Cold Laminating-Capable (Thermal & Pressure Sensitive)
  • Single & Double Side Laminating-Capable
  • Capable of Mounting up to 1/4" thick boards
  • Variable Speed & Heat Settings
  • Patented Quick-Heat System with 5 Minute Warm-Up
  • 3" Core Films
  • 16 Feet / Minute Maximum Speed
  • Up to 10 Mil Film Compatible
  • Made in the USA


Item # 04PL227HP
Manufacturer Professional Laminating Systems (Pro-Lam)
Manufacturer Part Number PL227HP
Included Supplies & Accessories PL-227hp Laminator
Welded Steel Stand
3" Mandrels
(1" core mandrel option available by special-order)
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Optional Liner Take-Up Assembly (#LinerTU27)
Optional Additional Slitters
Optional Additional Feed Guides
Additional Mandrels 1" or 3"
Wheels for the Stand
Core Stops (for Rapid Film Changing)
Power Voltage 240V, 60Hz, 2800W
Dimensions 38" x 20" x 16"
Country of Manufacture USA
Assembly Required Yes
Size 27"
Color Beige
Operation Electric
Double-Sided Lamination Yes
Single-Sided Lamination Yes
Thermal Laminating Yes
Digital Laminating (Low-Temp) Yes
Cold Laminating Yes
Speed 16' / Minute (Feet per Minute)
Adjustable Speed Yes
Heating Type Silicone Rollers
Warm-Up Time 5 Minutes
Maximum Mil Thickness 10 Mil
Temperature Range 50° - 300° F (10° - 149° C)
Adjustable Temp Yes
Maximum Roll Length 12" Roll Diameter
Core Size 3" Core
Reverse Function Yes
Capable of Mounting Yes
Maximum Mounting Thickness 1/4" Boards
Slitters Yes, Left & Right Micro-Adjustable Slitters (Additional Slitter Optional for Running Multiple Sheets Side-by-Side)
Stand-By / Power-Save Mode No
Auto-Shut Off No
Mounted Onto Stand Yes
Digital Control Panel Digital temperature read out and control
Shipping Weight (lbs) 154
Product Weight (lbs) 154
Shipping Dimensions 2 Boxes:
Laminator: 86 lbs, 18" x 43" x 20"
Stand: 55 lbs., 23" x 33" x 8"


The Pro-Lam PL227HP laminating machine is truly a professional choice, made in the USA with top-quality materials. This machine combines an array of features to provide a variety of possible applications, making it incredibly versatile. It can ✔thermal laminate, ✔cold/pressure sensitive laminate (with optional release liner take-up), ✔double-side laminate, ✔single-side laminate, ✔mount up to 1/4" thick boards. This impressive lineup makes it an industry-leading choice as the most affordable professional-grade laminating machine.

Simple, fast, effective -- the PL227HP roll laminator has a patented warming system with a quick 5 minute warm-up time, and an impressive run speed of up to 16 feet per minute. Not only does this add up to a more efficient work day, but it also creates a more energy-saving environment. Due to the superior heat replacement characteristics of Professional Laminating System's exclusive patented 'Revolution Series' heated roll system, the PL-227hp is particularly suited to simultaneous mounting and laminating on thermally activated adhesive foam board. While providing the superior scratch and stretch free finish inherent with the heated roll technology, the bond is so aggressive that any attempt to peel off laminated material will result in total destruction of the foam board. If you are in the market for a machine with a 27" capability, ease of operation and superior finish results at a reasonable price, this is the laminating machine for you. Pro-Lam machines are the most accommodating in their ability to laminate a myriad of substrates using a seemingly endless array of films.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 5 Minute Warm-Up - The warm up time of a laminator is indicative of its ability to replace heat in the laminating cycle because the process draws heat away from the rollers. A fast warm up time equates to higher and more predictable performance levels. Rapid and accurate thermal response and control is necessary for the best possible finish and maximum yield. Most laminators in this price category take from 15 to 20 minutes to warm up, some even longer. A lengthy warm up time often results in machines drawing energy all day long, heating up the room and fighting with your central air conditioning that is trying to cool it.
  • Lightening Quick, Sustainable Thermal Response - Professional Laminating Systems' heated roll laminators are possibly the fastest laminators in their class in existence. This makes these laminators incomparable to others near and beyond the price range. The thermal response of the PL-227 is < 5 seconds and features a hysteresis of about 2°.
  • Variable Speed Control, Reversible - Equipped with an American-made, high torque DC gear reduction motor and an infinitely variable solid state motor controller, both of which are heat-sinked, air cooled, and feature electronic reverse. The drive train includes hardened steel gears, sprockets, and drive chain. This robust industrial configuration offers state of the art, industrial quality equipment at affordable prices.
  • Laminates/Mounts to 0.25" Thick - The PL-227 HP is capable of laminating and mounting on one side or two using 1 mil through 10 mil films on materials up to 1/4" thick. Because of the unique thermal response of the laminating rollers, they are ideally suited for mounting or laminating for both short and long runs.
  • Affordable Price and Considerable Energy Savings - Pro-Lam manufactures some of the finest laminating machinery in the world. The PL-227hp, like all Pro-Lam machines, is composed of a unique combination of exclusive design, innovative patented technology, state of the art manufacturing techniques and high quality components. These features and others combine to make PLS Laminators and related equipment the best value on the market today.
  • Digital Temperature Read Out & Control - Includes a digital display, solid-state temperature control, and solid state relay are isolated, heat sinked, and air cooled. In conjunction with a temperature sensor that is located just below the surface of the laminating rollers, these components are capable of a temperature hysteresis within several degrees. Don't let the simplicity of the control knob on this machine fool you; an analog input for digital temperature control interface provides even casual operators a certain "feel" that is often associated with their stove at home. The truth is, the operation is just that simple. The digital display indicates the temperature of the laminating surface. This provides important feedback to the operator and is accurate to within 1° F.
  • Lower Cooling Fans - Laminating film cooling on the PL227hp laminator is achieved with four (4) high performance axial fans. Cooling fans allow higher process speeds and provide for a better laminate finish. These cooling fans provide adequate cooling for even the most difficult jobs.
  • Ultra Duty Welded Steel Stand Standard - The stand is manufactured in-house with thick walled cold rolled carbon steel tubing. The tubing is then cut to size, cnc machined and welded by experienced welders. It is then powder coated with the fine textured finish. To facilitate practical shipping, the stand requires simple assembly. We use the strongest components and mounting hardware that is practical. Included with each stand to aid in moving and positioning the laminator on most surfaces, are a set of locking swivel casters. These large wheels (3") facilitate moving and positioning over most surfaces.
  • Micro Adjustable Slitter Assembly - The Pro-Lam PL227HP features exclusive micro-adjustable slitters that are regarded by virtually all who use them as the finest in-line slitters available. The following features provide the most accurate cut and highest quality finish available: Micro-Adjustable, Quick Set, Overload Release, Blade Angle Adjustment, Quick Change Blade, Standard No. 11 Blade. This blade system is proprietary to Pro-Lam machines. It even allows for the installation of additional slitting heads for splitting or slitting multiple pages side by side. Especially useful for unusual jobs, this permits the operator to increase the output yield per foot of film.

The PL227HP by Professional Laminating Systems is considered the industry's most affordable professional-grade laminator for the value it offers. It features metal construction throughout, strong welding on the machine and stand, non-integrated electrical components, cooled electronics, intuitive operation, and simple design.

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