Over-Size Gloss Laminating Pouches

Our collection of over-size laminating pouches are perfect for your large document, sign, and graphic lamination needs. Sizes include large format 18.5" x  24.5", 25" x 37", and 37" x 49". These extra-large lamination sheets completely encapsulate your signs and graphics for ultimate protection. They feature a glossy finish that is vibrant and lustrous, enhancing color and contrast for an incredibly beautiful finish. These are the best laminating pouch sheets on the market, offering a premium adhesive to the plastic ratio that creates a perfect seal and crystal-clear finish; no more milky streaks or bubbled edges. Glossy laminating pouches are the ideal solution for quick, professional, and strong encapsulation of documents, photos, and media of all kinds. Just pair with a quality pouch laminator and start making beautiful, protected signs and cards of all kinds.


Need help choosing the best gloss laminating pouches for your needs? Give us a call at (866) 537-2244 for one-on-one help. And don’t forget to add some affordable lamination pouch carriers to protect your laminator from adhesive runoff and help ensure a perfectly clean finish.

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