Laminating Pouches

Laminating Pouches

Lamination, also called encapsulation, is a simple and affordable way to protect paper documents from tears, bends, spills, dust, and sun exposure. These pouches make it easy to re-use documentation and clean and sanitize the page between users, perfect to protect your staff and team from the spread of viruses and bacteria.

When it comes to creating a clean and professional lamination finish while also protecting pages from harm or water damage, an encapsulating laminating sleeve can provide the perfect solution. The plastic film on these pouches completely covers the front and back of your documents, and creates a sealed edge around all sides, which offers 100% protection for your encapsulated sheet.

We stock lamination pouches in a variety of styles, some of which will be paired with a heated pouch laminator machine, and some that don’t require a machine at all. Here is a quick overview of each different kind of laminating pouch so you can choose the best option for you. To learn more about each, and to see the options available, just click on the categories below.

  • Gloss - The glossy shine on these pouches gives them the classic look, making them the most popular laminating pouch style. Because of the popularity, we can offer glossy pouches in the widest selection of sizes and thicknesses. Sizes as small as 2-1/8” x 3-3/8” or as large as 37” x 49” wide format size, plus everything in between. Thicknesses available range from 3 mil to 10 mil, depending on the size, so you can choose lightweight gentle lamination, or ultra-strong, rigid lamination. The bright sheen that gloss pouches offer enhances contrast and colors, making your print incredibly vibrant. They are thermal laminating pouches, so just pair them with a heated pouch laminator to use. Our gloss pouches are a premium quality laminating sheets that protect both sides of your page. Although your machine capabilities will affect the final finish, we have found that ours are the best laminating pouches, offering a beautiful glossy shine from edge-to-edge with a top quality finish.

  • Matte - If you want the same protection as any other premium laminating pouches, but the glare from the glossy finish is too harsh, then these matte laminating pouches are the perfect solution. They are available in either a matte / matte finish (matted on both sides), or a matte / gloss finish (matte one size, and gloss on the other side). Both styles are fully encapsulating, so your pages are as protected as possible and easy to clean and sanitize. The softer matte finish still offers a crystal-clear view of your sheet, but without the heavy contrast glare. This makes them a better choice for materials that would be used in the field, as they can make it easier to read the page outdoors or in other bright light situations. Matted lamination sheets come in select popular sizes on the larger side, from letter size 9” x 11-1/2” to 25” x 37” large format pouches. Thicknesses include 5 and 10 mil options, which are strong and sturdy for the best protection.

  • Adhesive Back - Adhesive back laminating pouches offer a combination of a lamination pouch with a peel-and-stick backing so they can be stuck on the walls, doors, and other areas where you may need a sign. Use them to indicate to staff about cleansing and safety procedures, or to communicate to customers about promotional opportunities, certifications, or anything else. They still fully encapsulate your document for ultimate protection and the opportunity to be cleaned whenever needed. They are thermal pouches, so you just run them through your heated pouch laminator, then peel off the liner on the back and stick them wherever you see fit. These pouches have a glossy finish and come in either 3, 5, 7, or 10 mil thicknesses. The variety of sizes is pretty great, ranging from small 2-1/8” x 3-3/8” to large 12” x 18” menu size.

  • Magnetic Back - Just as they sound, these unique lamination pouches combine a laminating pouch with a magnet backing. So kind of like the adhesive back ones, you just run them through your thermal pouch laminating machine and then stick them to any magnetically receptive surface. They come in matte or gloss finishes and sizes from 2” x 3-1/2” up to 12” x 18”. Magnetic laminating pouches are the perfect choice for things like emergency sheets, wedding invitations and save the dates, team schedules, teachers aids, calendars, and so much more.

  • UV Protected - UV protective laminating pouches are ideal for store fronts where the laminate may be exposed to the sun, such as for signs. They feature special UV inhibitors that protect against pre-mature fading from the sun. This helps to keep your ink as vibrant as it was when first laminated, for as long as possible. These particular lamination pouches also happen to be low-temp activating, allowing you to use them for heat-sensitive papers and inks, such and digital prints, Inkjet, and more. We have two different kinds of UVI laminating pouches: standard (featuring glossy clear front and backs), or black-back (featuring a clear gloss front and a solid black back) to create a border around your print. Protect your documents against moisture, handling, bending, and abrasion with UV safe laminating pouches.

  • Large Format - Large format lamination pouches are perfect for your shorter-run graphic needs. They are made of a perfect medium-weight 5 mil, that allows for flexibility while still providing great protection against tears, bends, scratches, and moisture. These large laminating pouch sheets are most often used for applications such as maps, school graphics, signs, roll-up applications, and much more. They offer a lower-melting temperature between 160 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them safe for use with most heat-sensitive medias and inks, such as ink jet media. This allows for a wider variety of applications and users. Whatever your wide format application, these premium-quality pouch sheets are a great fit. You can choose between a high-gloss pouch or a matte/gloss combination pouch.

  • Self Laminating - Self-laminating pouches require absolutely no machine, which makes them an ideal choice for students, teachers, businesses, and anyone else (even individuals). They offer protection against tears, bends, scratches, and moisture, without the need to invest in an expensive machine. Simply peel off the release liner and stick your card, photo, or document to the adhesive. That's it! In just a few seconds you can have a beautifully laminated item. Self-lam sheets are also called self-stick, cold laminating, and pressure sensitive laminating sheets. But whatever you call them, they are perfect for quick, on-demand needs.

  • Pouch Boards - Pouch boards will mount and laminate your prints to mounting boards with just one pass through your laminating machine. Instead of spending the time and energy to first apply adhesive to your board, then laminate your print, then mount your print to the board, you can do it all at once with pouch mounting boards. Eliminate the 3-step process and triple your production speed and efficiency with these innovative tools. Pouch boards are available in a huge variety of options, including (but not limited to) foam core boards, extra-durable gator mounting boards, corrugated plastic boards, heat-activated, pressure-sensitive, and so much more.

So there you have it! You can see that at Binding101 we have a huge selection of lamination pouches to choose from, making it the best place to buy online. Choose from many sizes, as well as styles including glossy laminating sheets, adhesive-back pouches, matte, cold self-laminating sheets, window and wall mounting laminating pouches, and more. Whether you are looking to laminate bookmarks, credit cards, business cards, or menus, we have you covered with a size appropriate solution and high-quality standards. From letter and legal to notecards and wide format, we have an option sure to fit the needs of your laminating project. These two-sided sleeves will tightly encapsulate the document in question to ensure a strong seal that is long lasting and acts as a barrier against damages. Find the high-quality solutions you need with this inventory of affordable solutions at the ready.

If you have any questions while you shop, or you need some guidance to the best lamination pouch for your needs, please feel free to give our team a call at (866) 537-2244; we would be happy to assist you with all of your laminating and encapsulating requirements.

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