Antibacterial Laminating Pouches

Antibacterial Laminating Pouches are the innovative solution in allowing users to sanitize commonly used, touched, and shared documents. These pouches are made special by proprietary antimicrobial compounds embedded in the laminating material that resists bacterial and fungal growth making it a practical choice if sanitation and health safety is of priority. The complementing features of lamination and antimicrobial properties make these pouches ideal for food service, schools, offices, and other venues that are considering lamination for ease of sanitation. The range of size of these laminating pouches can accommodate menus, book covers, medical charts, counter mats, classroom materials, manuals, instructions, guidelines/procedures, and other high touch documents. Stop surface transmission of diseases with Antibacterial Laminating Pouches!
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  1. 4mil Antimicrobial Laminating Pouches - 100pk

    • Treated to resist bacterial and fungal growth.
    • Antimicrobial compound is ideal for environments where the control of contamination sources is critical.
    • Designed for high touch documents used in environments such as medical offices, restaurants and food service, schools, offices, and more.
    • Available in 3 different sizes

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