1.5 Mil Premium Laminating Film

When it comes to achieving a truly professional finish on your media, look no further than our collection of premium lamination film. These rolls of laminate are specifically designed to enhance your prints and documents at a lower temperature, making them the ideal choice for heat-sensitive prints that still need to be thermally laminated. They feature a co-polymer adhesive that activates between 220° - 250° Fahrenheit. The lamination itself is water, oil, acid, and alkali-resistant for truly comprehensive protection. In fact, they are widely considered some of the best laminating films on the market, offering exceptional clarity and adhesive properties.


If you want a premium finish on your professionally laminated documents, then consider our premium-quality films. Need to discuss your specific application with an expert before you buy? Call us at (866) 537- 2244 today and we would be happy to help guide you to the best lamination rolls for your individual needs.

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  1. 1.5 Mil Gloss Premium Thermal Laminating Film

    • Provide excellent clarity and protection to your documents.
    • Featured with copolymer adhesive that allows lower operating temperatures and greater adhesive characteristics.
    • Water, oil, acid, and alkali resistant.
    • Clear Gloss Finish

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