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Keencut Sabre-2 Rotary Trimmers

Item #: SABRE2-GRP

Keencut Sabre-2 Rotary Trimmers
Keencut Sabre-2 Cutters - Buy101

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Product Name Price Qty
40" Keencut Sabre-2 Rotary Trimmer Item#04KCSABRE40
60" Keencut Sabre-2 Rotary Trimmer Item#04KCSABRE60
80" Keencut Sabre-2 Rotary Trimmer Item#04KCSABRE80
100" Keencut Sabre-2 Rotary Trimmer Item#04KCSABRE100
120" Keencut Sabre-2 Rotary Trimmer Item#04KCSABRE120


A great addition to print shops and photo studios, the Keencut Sabre-2 series cutters are versatile trimmers that can handle a variety of flexible and rigid materials up to as thick as 1/2", or about 13mm. This makes it a popular choice for  users who need to precisely trim banner material, flags, foam core boards, plates, magnetic sheets and many other flexible and rigid materials. Designed specifically for use on a bench or attached to the Sabre-2 optional stand, this general purpose trimmer offers extreme accuracy guaranteed at a 1:3000 straightness. Blade depth adjustment lets you relieve the pressure for more sensitive materials, while a specialty safety cutting head automatically retracts into a protected position when not in use. You can buy the Keencut Sabre-2 series trimmers online in a variety of lengths to cut materials from 40" to 120" long. Additional Sabre-2 blades are easily changed out for specialty applications or to replace dull blades.




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