James Burn WOB5000 Wire-O Bind 5000 Semi-Automatic Wire Binding & Finishing Machine
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James Burn WOB5000 Wire-O Bind 5000 Semi-Automatic Wire Binding & Finishing Machine

Brand: James Burn
  • Bind Wire-O® documents quickly & easily
  • Binding speeds up to 920 per hour
  • Ideal for digital print & print finishing markets
  • Accepts 3:1 wire 1/4” to 9/16" and 2:1 wire 5/8” to 1-1/4” in spools or pre-cut
  • Oversize / Truck shipping
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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
James Burn WOB5000 Wire-O Bind 5000 Semi-Automatic Wire Binding & Finishing Machine 04JBWOB5000
WOB Spool Holder Kit for Up to 10” Calendar Hooks 04JBWOSHK10
Reception Conveyor for James Burn WOB5000 Wire-O Binder 04JBWOB5000RC
Calendar Hanger Feeder for James Burn WOB5000 Wire-O Binder 04JBWOCHK10


The Wire-O Bind 5000 (also known as the WOB5000), is a powerful twin loop wire binding machine that fits perfectly into the digital print and print finishing industries. It can handle a wide variety of document types, including wall calendars with the optional hanger feeder module. Easy setup, incredible speed, and versatility – the WOB5000 is the best semi-automatic Wire-O® binder finisher on the market.


Item # 04JBWOB5000-GRP
Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Item # WOB5000US
Model WOB 5000 (Wire-O Bind 5000)
Maximum Document Size 20" (500mm) Binding Edge up to 9/16"x 20"
14" (350mm) Binding Edge for all other wire sizes x 20"
Minimum Document Size 2.5" (65mm) Binding Edge x 1.5" (38mm)
2" (54mm) Binding Edge x 1.5" (38mm) with Wire-O® cut length
Document Thickness Up to 1-1/8" (28mm)
Cycle Speed Up to 920 books/hour
Wire-O® Sizes 3:1 Pitch from 1/4" - 9/16"
2:1 Pitch from 5/8" - 1-1/4"
Compatible Bindings Wire-O Binding Spools
3:1 Pitch Wire-O Binding Spines
2:1 Pitch Wire-O Binding Spines
Oversize Covers Yes, Possible
Skip Binding Multiple (up to 4 jumps of 2 loops min each). Only in spool mode.
Optional Hanger Feeder Using loose (up to 100pcs) or reeled pre-formed hangers n°3 and n°7 with length ranging from 76mm up to 250mm
Reception Capacity Standard tray: 50mm, Optional conveyor reception: up to 100 books 1/4"
Spool Change Over In less than 5 minutes; integral storage space for one spool
Control Panel Touch screen
Format Set Up Time Fully automatic in less than 2 minutes
Power 220/240 V (50Hz) 1ph - 110/120 V (60Hz) 1ph
Machine Dimensions 9.6" L x 3.5" W x 4.10" H (2900 x 1050 x 1460 mm) ( with standard reception)
Net Weight 704 lbs.
Shipping Weight 988 lbs.


Discover the convenience of semi-automated wire finishing with the impressive WOB5000 from James Burn. This powerful twin loop wire binder offers semi-automated operation that is ideally suited for digital printers, print finishers, and any other businesses with higher volume and the need to bind a wide variety of metal wire documents.


Operating at up to 920 cycles per hour, the WOB5000 is fast, extremely simple to set up, and handles all formats from the touch screen digital control panel. This automated industrial wire binding machine was also designed for optimum safety, keeping your operators protected at all times.


Pair the Wire-O® Bind 5000 machine James Burn Wire-O® spools to cut lengths with simple setup and no mechanical adjustments. Choose the optional automatic hanger module to allow for wall calendar making with ease and the ultimate flexibility.


Key Features:

  • Versatile – Accepts all Wire-O® binding styles for a wide variety of document compatibility. Offers flush-cut or overhanging covers with extended index tabs, and large wall calendars, using Wire-O® spools or cut wire spines.
  • Efficient – Run speed up to 920 documents per hour with automatic set up that helps reduce waste. 2 types of plug & play reception available (standard or conveyor) to accommodate most workflow modes. Optional plug & play automatic hanger feeder with table extension for large wall calendars.
  • User Friendly – All size and format setups are instantly adjustable by touch screen digital keypad with no mechanical adjustments necessary. Wire- O® size changeovers are done in 2-5 minutes including spool replacement.
  • Ergonomic – The large table-top workstation helps reduce operator fatigue. A small footprint and rolling caster wheels mean it fits even in the tightest spaces, with no air required.
  • Safety – Built-in features for the finest in operator safety.

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