HP AF2013 Micro-Cut Professional Paper Shredder with Automatic Feed
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HP AF2013 Micro-Cut Professional Paper Shredder with Automatic Feed

Item #: 04HPAF2013
Brand: HP
  • MICRO CUT SHRED SIZE – Creates tiny 4.3mm x 12mm shred particles for more protection.
  • AUTO FEED – Tray holds up to 200 sheets and will automatically shred so you can walk away.
  • 13 SHEET CAPACITY – Shreds up to 13 sheets at a time with manual bypass.
  • WARRANTY – 1yr general warranty with 5yr on cutting blades.
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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The new HP AF2013 auto-feed micro-cut shredder is the perfect solution for a professional business environment. This convenient office shredder has an automatic feed tray that holds up to 200 sheets, so you can load your documents to destroy and then walk away; no more standing at the machine and adding sheets manually. There is also a manual feed option that allows for up to 13 stapled sheets or one credit card to be inserted. All documents are completely destroyed with the micro-cut blades, turning them into nearly illegible 4.3mm x 12mm confetti. This innovative document shredder is the best-in-class choice for professionals who need to shred stacks of pages, such as bank receipts, bills, mail notices, and other paperwork with ultra-security.


Item # 04HPAF2013
Manufacturer HP
Manufacturer Part Number 91004F
UPC 022447910049
Model AF2013
Suggested User Professional, Office
Feed Width 8.75”
Cut Type Micro-Cut
Shred Size 4.3mm x 12mm
DIN Security Level (Paper) P-4
Automatic Feed Yes, Tray Holds Up To 200 Sheets
Capacity 13 Sheets Manually
Automatic Start/Stop Yes, Photo Sensor
Controls Rev, Off, On
Reverse Yes
LED Indicators Ready, Overload, Overheat, Waste Bin Full
Speed 4sps (seconds per sheet)
Shreds Paper, Credit Cards, Staples
Waste Bin 7.4 Gallons; Pullout Bin
Noise Level 63 dB
Duty Cycle 60 Minutes On, 40 Minutes Off
Power Voltage 120 Volt AC, 6.0 Amp, 60 Hz
Motor 0.98 hp
Castors Yes
Certifications UL
Color White/Black
Country of Manufacture Vietnam
Dimensions 14.8” W x 11” D x 22.5” H
Product Weight 31.3 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 16.73” W x 12.91” D x 25” H
Shipping Weight 37.9 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS
Warranty 1 Year General/5 Year Cutter Manufacturer’s Warranty


The best paper shredder for professional offices is the HP AF2013 auto-feed micro-cut machine. This innovative office shredder has a powerful automatic feed system so you can load up to 200 sheets into the feed tray and walk away as the machine does the work for you. Run the shredder in auto mode for up to one full hour at a time.


The AF2013 also has a manual feed for as many as 13 sheets, including stapled documents, or one credit card. It processes your pages at up to 4 sheets per second, and turns them into illegible 4.3mm x 12mm particles, for ultimate security. If your office is ready to step up their protection by shredding company, staff, and personal information with higher security standards and no-hassle, walk-away shredding, then the professional HP AF2013 is the best shredder for the job. It combines the convenience of automated shredding with the security of a micro-cut particle size, easy controls, quiet operation, and an affordable price. Plus, this shredder comes with the HP general 1-year manufacturer's warranty plus a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the cutter blades themselves. It offers incredible value and quick ROI paired with impressive security standards.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Auto and Manual Feed – Auto feed tray holds up to 200 sheets, manual feed accepts up to 13 sheets or 1 credit card at a time (stapled documents OK in manual feed).
  • Microcut – 4.3mm x 12mm particles offer extra security protection for bank statements and other sensitive documents.
  • Fast Shredding – 4 sheets per second average shredding speed.
  • Quiet Operation – 63dB noise level isn’t obtrusive or loud.
  • Easy Emptying – 7.4 Gallon waste bin pulls out for easy emptying.
  • Mobile – Mounted on rolling casters for mobility.
  • Impressive Warranty – 1-year general manufacturer's warranty included, plus a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the cutting cylinders.


How to Use the HP AF2013 Shredder:

  • Make sure the control toggle is set to “off” and plug in your shredder.
  • The ready light will turn on, indicating that it is ready to use.
  • A maximum of 13 sheets with 1 staple or 1 credit card may be inserted into the feed manually.
  • A maximum of 200 sheets may be placed on the auto feed tray; feeding will begin automatically.

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