Guillotine Cutters for Schools

Our selection of small guillotine-style stack cutters are perfect for K-12 schools, catering specifically to the education industry. Also called guillotine cutters, these manual cut machines will go through thin stacks of paper, and feature convenient grid lines for proper paper alignment and measuring. They use an anvil-style handle that is manually pressed down onto a thin stack of paper. These guillotine cutters are perfect for your school print room, making it simple to cut through school posters and flyers, or used for any office-cutting needs. They are also great for classrooms for daily use by teachers. Need help making a choice? Call us at (866) 537-2244 so we can help.

Want to pay with a PO for your new school cutter? Simply email a formal copy of your purchase order with a valid PO number to or fax it to (866)440-8669. Make sure a contact name and email address are included for the invoice and if we have any questions.

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Guillotine Cutters for Schools

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  1. Dahle Professional Series 13-3/8" & 18" Guillotine Cutters - Models 533, 534, 560

    • Choose from Model 533 13-3/8", Model 534 18", or Model 560 13-3/8"
    • Cutting capacity: from 15 to 25 sheets
    • German-engineered Solingen steel blade is self-sharpening, offering a perfectly square cut for longer than other cutters on the market without manual sharpening.
    • Spring system hold the blade in place wherever it is left

    Starting at: $116.50

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Dahle 533 Professional 13-3/8" Guillotine Cutter04DAHLE533
    Dahle 534 Professional 18" Guillotine Cutter04DAHLE534
    Dahle 560 Professional 13-3/8" Guillotine Cutter04DAHLE560
  2. Akiles OffiTrim Plus 15" & 18" Guillotine Cutters

    • Sizes: 15" or 18"
    • Paper Stopper Guide: With its built-in magnetic strip and locking screw, the paper stopper guide will stay in place after many continuous cuts.
    • Extra Wide Metal Table with Grid Ruler: Durable metal table with easy to read ruler guides guarantee a fast & precise alignment.
    • Premium Stainless Steel Knife: Refined anti-rust coating. Convex edge, for a more efficient cut.

    Starting at: $65.00

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    15" Akiles OffiTrim Plus 1512 Guillotine Cutter04AK1512OFFITR
    18" Akiles OffiTrim Plus 1518 Guillotine Cutter04AK1618OFFITR
  3. Basic 18" Guillotine Cutter - Discontinued

    • Operating Method: Manual
    • Cutting Width: 18"
    • Can Cut Materials: Paper
    • Capacity: 10 Sheets [20 lb. Bond Paper]

3 Items

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