Formax Atlas C150 High-Speed Automatic Creasing & Perforating Machine
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Formax Atlas C150 High-Speed Automatic Creasing & Perforating Machine

Item #: 04FXATLASC150
Brand: Formax
  • Top vacuum, pile feed to handle high-volume jobs with ease
  • Intuitive color touch-screen controls for easy operation
  • Handles media up to 15” W x 51” L and weights from 80-400 gsm
  • Processes up to 8,500 sheets per hour
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If your production space needs a high-speed, automated system to accomplish professional creasing and perforating from a compact footprint, then the Formax Atlas C150 may just be the perfect fit! This innovative system is packed with powerful features, including an intuitive touchscreen control panel that guides you through setup and operation with ease. The top-vacuum pile feeding system can take on high-volume jobs with efficient production while the heavy-duty creasing matrix eliminate cracking when working with digital and full color prints. The Atlas C150 high-speed automatic creaser and perforator is ideal for on-demand jobs that require a professional finished look.


Item # 04FXATLASC150
Manufacturer Formax
Manufacturer Item # Atlas C150
Sheet Size 8.2” x 3.89” Minimum to 27.5” x 15” Maximum
Speed Up to 8,500 Sheets per Hour (8.5” x 11”)
Paper Thickness 75gsm (0.0035”) Minimum to 400gsm (0.015”) Maximum
Creases per Sheet Up to 30
Minimum Repeat Crease Distance 0.0039” (Depending on Paper Weight)
Programmable Jobs Unlimited
Maximum Loading Capacity Up to 7.8” Thick Stack (4” for Sheet Lengths Greater than 27.5”)
Stacker Capacity Up to 4.7” Thick Stack
Control Panel 7” Color Touchscreen
Included Supplies & Accessories Pile Feeder, 1 Standard Creasing Kit
Optional Accessories (Sold Separately) Static Creaser Kit (AC-150-10)
Wide Static Crease Blade Kit (AC-150-20)
Narrow Static Crease Blade Kit (AC-150-30)
Extra Narrow Static Crease Blade Kit (AC-150-40)
Full Cross Perforation Kit (AC-150-50)
Folding Unit (AC-10)
Color Gray
Dimensions 66.5” L x 28.7” W x 45.7” H
100” L x 28.7” W x 45.7” H (With Feed Table Extended)
Power Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 8-4A
Weight 551 lbs.
Shipping Weight 600 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 80” L x 40” W x 55” H
Shipping Method Truck
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty


The Atlas C150 from Formax is a premium automatic creaser and perforator that creates professional finishing for paper weights from 80 to 400gsm. The extending feed table pulls out to accommodate sheets as large as 15 inches wide and 51 inches long. Automatic adjustment of the top-loading vacuum infeed allows for quick handling of media stacks up to 7.8 inches high. The optical sensors control the sheet separation by consistently monitoring the “float zone” between sheets and making any necessary adjustments automatically and “on the fly”. The exit tray/outfeed stacker can hold your processed pages in a neat, easy-to-manage stack up to 4.7 inches high.

Setup and operation of this powerful creasing machine is simple with the intuitive color touchscreen control panel. To start processing your job, just follow the instructions on the screen to set your sheet length, weight, and fold type; the Atlas C150 automatically calculates the crease locations based on that information and adjusts accordingly. You can easily select any of the pre-programmed common sheet sizes and jobs or create your own. The storage capacity in the machine allows for unlimited storage of custom jobs for quick, accessible recall; save every job for your repeat customers and make repeat order production faster and easier than ever before. It also includes an in-line rotary perforation kit, which allows for creasing and perforating in a single pass.

The Atlas C150 can be equipped with an optional 2nd creasing/perforating blade kit that allows for single-pass up and down creasing along with cross/partial perforation for hinges, book covers, multi-panel brochures, and tear-off applications. An optional cross perforating blade kit can be used to combine creasing and cross perforating in a single pass for a variety of jobs including brochures with tear-offs. The quick-change creasing matrices are easy to swap in and out in only a few seconds and without any tools, keeping your production room moving with less down-time between jobs. You can also add an optional ultra-narrow creasing blade kit, and the AC-10 Folder which enables users to crease, perforate, and fold in-line.

Incorporating high-speed output, incredibly user friendly features, and the strength and power to handle large media sizes at high-volume industrial levels, the Atlas C150 is a powerhouse addition to today’s digital print environment.


Key Features:

  • Vacuum Top Feeding: Edge-registered for accurate feeding
  • Self-Adjusting Pile Feed Table: Offers a media loading capacity of up to 7.8” high
  • Optical Sensors: Control sheet separation by constantly monitoring the float zone and making adjustments automatically on-the-fly
  • Fully Automatic Setup: Settings are automatically adjusted based on sheet size, weight and crease/ perforation type
  • Color Touchscreen: Intuitive, user-friendly interface with bold icons
  • Programmed Creases: 9 Common creases are simple to call up on the touchscreen
  • Programmable Jobs: Users can store and recall an unlimited number of custom jobs
  • High-Speed Processing: Up to 8,500 sheets per hour
  • Infeed Table Extension: Accommodates media up to 51” long
  • Adjustable Outfeed Stacker: Can be raised or lowered to hold up to 4.7” of processed media
  • Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detection: Provides incredible feeding accuracy
  • Quick Change Creasing Matrix Kits: Easy to swap in and out in just seconds, with no tools required
  • Flexible: Powerful creasing unit accepts standard, narrow, and ultra-narrow creasing blades, as well as optional cross perforation blades
  • In-Line Rotary Perforation: Perforate and crease in a single pass
  • Heavy Duty Creasing/Rule Matrix: The creasing/rule matrix compresses and embosses the paper fibers, virtually eliminating tearing and cracking on the folded edge of digital prints. Includes one standard creasing matrix kit, with the option to add a second creasing/cross perforating kit.


Optional Accessories (Sold Separately):

  • Additional Creasing Matrix Kit: Works in conjunction with the standard creasing matrix to produce up/down creasing for hinges, book covers and complex brochures, all in a single pass
  • Cross/Partial Perforation Kit: Ideal for full and partial perforating along the width of the sheet. Can be used alone or with the rotary perforating kit to produce tear-off tickets and vouchers (see image below).
  • Narrow and Ultra Narrow Creasing Matrix Kits: Ideal for creasing various paper weights
  • AC-10 Folding Unit: Used in-line with the C150, it adds folding to the crease/perforate process

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