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Folding Magnifying Loupes (3 Sizes)


Folding Magnifying Loupe, 10x, 12x, 20x Magnification

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Product Name Price Qty
10x Paragon Magnifying Loupe Item#05LIOPTLM10
12x LithoMag Magnifying Loupe [Extra Wide Field of View] Item#05LIOPTLM12
20x LithoMag Magnifying Loupe Item#05LIOPTLM20


When it comes to proofing and color checking, folding magnifying loupes are the ideal handheld tool. Available in three different magnification options to meet your needs, either 10x, 12x, or 20x magnifying power. These general purpose magnifyers feature an achromatic lens system that can be focused for each individual user's eyesight. The lens is fully color-corrected and folds into the sturdy base, doubling as protection for the lens and a carrying case.

The 10x folding loupe is the Paragon brand, and features a standard field of view. The 12x folding loupe and 20x folding loupe are LithoMag brand and the 12x size features an extra-wide field of view. Buy a folding magnifying loupe online today for a portable, customizable, premium, but economical, proffing and color checking solution for your print shop.