Foil Fusing Machines

Kinds of Foil Equipment

Making beautifully foiled prints is surprisingly fast and easy using a foiling machine. We are partnered with only premier manufacturers, offering the best-in-class foiling equipment on the market, at fair prices that can pay for themselves quickly. Whether you want to use a pouch laminator (arguably the easiest method), for your lower volume or personal foiling needs, or you are a print shop that works with production-level volumes, you are sure to find the best foil machine at Binding101. Choose the type of equipment you are interested in below or read on for suggestions and top-sellers.

Foiling LaminatorsFoiling Laminators
Foil Roll LaminatorsFoil Roll Laminators
Foil Fusing MachinesFoil Fusing Machines
Foil Roll CutterFoil Roll Cutter

Foiling Pouch Laminators

Foiling with a pouch laminator is the easiest way to apply a professional foil to your printed design. It is less expensive that a foil fusing machine, and better for lower volume needs. But not all laminators will work. Fortunately, our list of tested pouch lamination machines will get the job done professionally.

Foiling Roll Laminators

Get the convenience of foiling with the speed of a roll laminator style system using one of our foiling roll laminators. These machines will handle both lamination film and foil rolls, expanding your capabilities to handle a variety of your client's needs.

Foil Fusing Machines

Also called foiling machines, foil fusers are special pieces of equipment that can quickly add foil to your toner printer pages. They are fast, efficient, and perfect for larger operations that create foiled prints for clients or internal documentation. Once set up, you can continuously feed pages.

Foil Roll Cutters

With a foil roll cutter you can stop wasting foil from your roll for smaller applications. Instead, use this cutter to create a roll size of your desired width. The blade is completely adjustable, so there are no pre-sets to limit your abilities. It is simple to use and makes fast work of foil cutting.

Best Foiling Laminators

Shop our collection of the best foiling laminators below. These machines have proven time and time again that they can perform at the appropriate speeds and heats for perfect foiling from end-to-end, creating a stunningly crisp edge and solid, saturated finish. A craft laminator might work sometimes, but we can't tell you how many times our clients come to us after purchasing a craft laminator elsewhere, looking to upgrade since their machine won't create a solid foil. Why not start with a top-quality machine instead?

SpeedyLam 330R 13 Inch Pouch LaminatorSpeedyLam 330R 13 Inch Pouch Laminator
Sprinter-Lam 335R6 13 Inch Pouch LaminatorSprinter-Lam 335R6 13 Inch Pouch Laminator
Akiles ProLam Ultra Photo 13 Inch Pouch LaminatorAkiles ProLam Ultra Photo 13 Inch Pouch Laminator
Quick-Lam DH330 Dual Heat 13 Inch Pouch LaminatorQuick-Lam DH330 Dual Heat 13 Inch Pouch Laminator

The best laminators for foiling will have a couple of things in common:

  1. Adjustable Heat - They will have adjustable heat settings so you can fine-tune the temperature.
  2. Minimum of 300° F - Higher is recommended, but your laminator should reach at least 300 to provide a professional foil. Lower heat may work, as long as you have adjustable speed so you can keep the foil in the heat for longer.
  3. Adjustable Speed - They will have speed settings so you can choose how fast or slow the laminator runs.
  4. Rollers - They will have heated rollers, not heat plates.
  5. 10 Mil Capacity - They will be able to handle at least a 10 mil thick pouch.

The four laminators listed above are on-budget for offices and businesses of many sizes, but what about for individuals users and crafters who want to foil at home? Are there any laminators not meeting these specifications work?  The answer is yes; it is definitely possible that other pouch lam machines will work, but the finishing is not guaranteed. We have some customers who use small laminators from a craft store with 1 heat setting who simply run their foil through 2-3 times until the proper heat is applied, and other customers who even just use a household iron. You can achieve the process of foil laminating without one of these laminators by getting creative with a heat source, as long as you always do so safely. But for the highest quality and most solid and secure foil, using one of these machines that have been tested and approved as some of the best laminators for foiling, will be your best bet.

Most Popular Fusing Machine: FT-10 Foil Fuser

See just how easy it is to create professionally foiled pages using our most popular foil fuser, the Therm-O-Type FT-10. This innovative system making beautiful metallic, iridescent, or holographic prints when you combine it with our top-quality foil rolls and toner printed designs.

This foil fuse machine accepts pages up to 12.5 inches wide and accepts rolls on a 1" core. It makes manufacturing beautiful foiled invitations, awards, cards, letterhead, and more without an expensive die incredibly easy.

Foil Fusing Supplies

Now that you've reviewed the foiling machines, you are ready to check out foiling supplies as well! The type of supplies you need will depend on your foiling machine, however, here are the most popular supply and accessory items needed for foil fusing.