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Therm-O-Type FT-10 Foil Fuser

Item #: 04TOTFT10

Buy the Therm-O-Type FT-10 foil fuser online for a high quality, but economical, foil fusing machine. It is compatible with our 24 x 500' foil rolls featuring 1" cores, once they are cut down to 12 ½" maximum widths. the FT-10 fuser will quickly and efficiently foil wedding invitations, business cards and more. It features adjustable speed and heat controls to help you obtain the perfect foiled paper for even many difficult-to-foil applications.

How to Use the FT-10 Foil Fuser:
① Make sure all switches are "off" and plug in your machine. Attach the in-feed tray.
② Set the speed and temperature and wait for it to warm up. A good starting point is 20% speed and 80% temperature.
③ Install your roll onto the foil shaft firmly with the opening facing down and toward the machine (away from you), and place the shaft back into place.
④ Pull about 15" of foil away from your roll and use thick card stock to push the foil through the feed opening.
⑤ Wrap the foil onto the rewind shaft and bars on the exit tray (watch video to the left).
⑥ Turn on the "forward" switch and lower the impression lever, allowing the foil to "track" through the fuser a few inches, then raise the impression lever until the foil stops.
⑦ Center a test page with the side guide and run it through the machine. Check for quality and adjust the heat and speed settings if necessary.

Troubleshooting Foil Fusing:
① If the tips of your design are missing foil, then settings are either too slow or too hot.
② If there is incomplete foil in solid areas, then settings are either too fast or too cold.


Product Description


The FT-10 Foil Fuser is an affordable, hand-fed, high quality machine designed for small runs of foil fusing jobs. FT-10 features include 12.5" wide maximum paper width, manual impression control, foil unwind and rewind tension adjustment, electronic speed and temperature range controls. 

This foil fuser makes it easy to add brilliance to invitations, award certificates, business cards, letterhead and more. Using our foil fusing equipment and supplies, flat foil jobs can be produced without the need to purchase a foil stamping die or expensive foil stamping equipment. No special makeready supplies or skills are required to produce beautiful foil stamping. 


Item # 04TOTFT10
Manufacturer Therm-O-Type
Manufacturer Part Number FT-10
Operating Method Electric
Compatible Supplies Foil Rolls with 1" Core [24" x 500']
Note: Must be Cut-Down to 12" Wide
Power Voltage 110V
Speed Adjustable
Dimensions 24" W x 16" D x 12" H
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited Parts
Size 12 ½"
Product Type Foil Fusers
Warm-Up Time About 15 Minutes [Depending on Temperature/Speed Settings]
Temperature Range 0° - 300° F [Adjustable]
Maximum Roll Length 500'
Maximum Width 12 ½" W
Core Size 1" Core
Adjustable Temp Yes
Shipping Weight (lbs) 50
Product Weight (lbs) 44
Shipping Information Shipping Dimensions: 17" W x 25" D x 13" H

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