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High-Gloss Canvas Texture Coating

Item #: 06GFCTCCR620

Canvas Texture Coating is an acid-free water based acrylic polymer coating. The high gloss offers a bright and vibrant look that will enhance contrast and color with a bright sheen.

Qty/Pack : 1

Product Description


Make your poster or print look hand painted with Craquelure Canvas Texture Coating. Depending on the way this specialty polymer coating is applied to the surface of a print, photo, or poster, the look of the finished product can be varied, ranging from a paint-brush look to a canvas-type appearance. Craquelure Faux Canvas Texture Coating is an acid-free water based acrylic polymer coating.

Whether you have a 4-color mounted lithographed print or a black and white photograph, the Craquelure Canvas Texture Coating Kit will help you make your work look as though it was hand-painted by an artist. When using this water-based coating, keep in mind that drying time will range from just a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the amount applied.

Although coverage may vary depending on how thick it is applied, we estimate that 0.5 oz of texture coating will cover 1 square foot, which means a 1 gallon container will yield about 256 square feet.


Item # 06GFCTCCR620
Manufacturer Gluefast
Manufacturer Part Number CR 620
Quantity 1
Size Gallon
Color Clear
Material Acid-Free Water-Based Acrylic Polymer
Product Type High-Gloss
Shipping Weight (lbs) 10

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