Challenge Padding Machines

Make professional-quality notepads with our line of Challenge Machinery padding press machines. These machines are ideally suited for users who need to create premium pads of paper quickly and in bulk quantities. They are easy to use and offer convenient features to make the process simple.

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Challenge Padding Machines

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  1. Challenge Mini-Padder

    • Economical, portable, easy-to-use table-top padding machine for low volume application.
    • Weighing only 15 lbs.
    • Easily be stored in a cabinet when not in use.
    • Accommodate a stack of paper up to 5" high and 17-1/2" wide.


  2. Challenge Handy-Padder

    • Easy Operation
    • Large Capacity
    • Self-Aligning Gravity Load
    • Capacity: Approximately 8,000 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper)


  3. Challenge Paddy Wagon® Padding Press

    • High-capacity padder capable of padding stacks as thick as 31" and as wide as 23-1/2".
    • Patented design eliminates the typical mess associated with pad production.
    • . Multiple shelves make storing and accessing your padding supplies easy.
    • Capacity: Approximately 17,200 Sheets (20 lb. bond paper)


3 Items

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