Silver Lining Photo Blocks

Silver Linings Self-Adhesive Photo Mounting Blocks provide the simplest and quickest method for frameless photo mounting. It has never been easier to create a professional, high quality photo block or mounted piece of art within seconds. For DIY customers at home, simply peel, stick and trim! Production environments such as event photographers, photo centers and copy shops can watch the short instructional video once and that's all the training they will need.

Some of our popular customers include event photographers, art studios, print shops, and even at-home users. Just peel, stick, and trim - it is that simple and can be made in just a couple minutes. Buy Silver Linings self-adhesive photo mounting blocks online today and start creating premium photo prints on-demand.

Silver Linings Self-Adhesive Photo Mounting Blocks are lightweight, yet sturdy with a self-adhesive top. They are available for various popular print sizes, with the block being just 1/4" slightly smaller than the print, which allows for offset or placement variances. All sizes are 3/4" thick with holes in the back for hanging on the wall, as well as a screw-in bar to stand up on a table. The exposed edges come in two different finishes; a smooth, metallic silver or a textured black. The finished products are beautiful as separate pieces or arranged in a collection on the wall.