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TC-20 Manual Thumb Cut Punch for Wire Calendar Hangers


Whether you are making calendars for hanging on the wall, an easel style flip-calendar, making key card holders or gift card holders, or creating crafts of many kinds, the TC-20 thumb cut punch is a fast and easy way to do it. This specialty paper punch creates a half-moon punch that measures 13/16" wide and 7/16" long, which is a half-circle shape that allows the pages to flip around a calendar hook, for a full 360° turn. It has an adjustable side guide to help you center your pages, and can punch through up to about 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper at a time. Perfect for short run users, buy the Akiles TC-20 manual thumb cut punch online for a compact, sturdy and easy-to-use solution.

Qty/Pack : 1

Thumb Cut Punch FAQs:

Q: Does it punch a perfect half circle?
No, this thumb cut punch creates a 13/16" W x 7/16" D rounded hole.


Product Description

Whether you want to create gift card holders to offer incentive and gifts for your business clients and staff, or want to create calendars and need a semi circle punch for your calendar hook to be able to spin the pages 360°, the TC-20 thumb cut puncher is a great solution for low-volume users. It is a hand punch that is small in stature, but powerful enough to punch through up to 20 sheets of standard copy paper (20 lb. bond). It also easily punches through thicker paper stocks, such as cardstock and covers; just reduce the number of sheets you punch at one time. It punches a semi-circle that measures 13/16" wide, and 7/16" deep.

With the TC-20 thumb cut punch, you can create perfectly placed half circle holes simply and quickly. The attached side guide helps you align the hole properly so it can be placed perfectly, every time you punch. It has a pre-set depth that also helps with the consistency as you do multiple items. It is made with a heavy plastic and sturdy steal, ensuring a durable hole punch with a long life.

The TC-20 desktop thumb cut punch is a great solution for small offices who need to make occasional calendars for their staff or clients, individuals who love to craft and want a more powerful punch than the traditional craft hole puncher, and anyone else who wants a way to create perfectly-placed semi-circle hole punches.


Manufacturer Akiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number AHMP
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3
Operating Method Manual
Capacity 20 Sheets (20 lb. Paper)
Dimensions 2 ¼" W x 5 ¾" D x 2 ¾" H
5" W with Guide
Manufacturer's Warranty 90 Day Defective
Quantity 1

User Reviews

Better than Craft PunchesReview by Anne
I used to use a little Fiskars circle punch and just center it by eye to create a half hole, but it only did a couple pages at a time (usually just 1 because I like thicker paper). That thing cost me about $10. Then I bought a "heavy duty" circle punch and still, by eye, centered it for the half hole. It punched more than a couple sheets, but not that many. That one cost me about $20. I finally decided that I make these crafts often enough that an actual half-hole punch would be better, and came across this one. It's not a craft brand that I know of, but couldn't find too many options out there and, honestly, was tires of the cheesy little punches that only did a few sheets at a time. This one works really well for me. I can punch through usually 10-15 sheets of my paper stock at a time, and the half circle is always perfect. It is not a perfect "half circle", though, more of a semi-circle. The punched hole is almost 1" wide and about 1/2" deep, which works well for my uses. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and the quality, especially since it is just a little more than the cheesy little hand punches from Michaels. (Posted on 4/14/17)

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