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Wire Calendar Hangers (Pack of 100)


James Burn Wire-O Calendar Hooks
Calendar Hooks with Wire-O Bindings
DIY Calendars with Wire Calendar Hangers
White Calendar Hook Sizes
Black Calendar Hook Sizes
White Calendar Hangers
Black Calendar Hangers
Wire Calendar Hanger Sample

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Qty/Pack : 100 Hooks


With these wire calendar hangers you can DIY your own wall-hanging calendars in just a few simple steps, and spend as little as just a couple dollars per calendar. The hooks are available in white or black, and several sizes for your convenience, all packaged in packs with 100 pieces. You will need a few things to get started, several of which you can buy online. You will need a wire binding machine, a thumbcut puncher to create the half-hole, wire binding spines, your own printed calendar pages, and wire cutters.

Basic Instructions (detailed instructions in product description):
   ① Print your personalized calendar pages.
   ② Punch your pages using a wire binding machine & thumbcut punch.
   ③ Place the hanger inside the wire & close around your pages.





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