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Wire Calendar Hangers (Pack of 100)


With these wire calendar hangers you can DIY your own wall-hanging calendars in just a few simple steps, and spend as little as just a couple dollars per calendar. The hooks are available in white or black, and several sizes for your convenience, all packaged in packs with 100 pieces. You will need a few things to get started, several of which you can buy online. You will need a wire binding machine, a thumbcut puncher to create the half-hole, wire binding spines, your own printed calendar pages, and wire cutters.

Basic Instructions (detailed instructions in product description):
   ① Print your personalized calendar pages.
   ② Punch your pages using a wire binding machine & thumbcut punch.
   ③ Place the hanger inside the wire & close around your pages.

Starting at: $6.00
Qty/Pack : 100 Hooks

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Calendar Hanger FAQs:

Q: Do you insert the hanger before or after closing the wire?
The hanger needs to be placed into the wire before the wire is closed, as there is no way to insert the hanger into the wire once closed.


Q: What size should I order?
A general rule of thumb is to choose a hanger that is 2" shorter than the calendar pages; so if your calendar is 11" long, you would want a 9" hanger. The provides ideal support for the calendar so the wire does not bend with the weight of the calendar pages. If you have a heavy chipboard backing on your calendar for support, than you can use a smaller hanger, since the board will support the calendar.


Q: How do I punch the half-hole?
This hole is called a "thumb cut" or "half moon". You can punch the hole using our thumb cut punch.


Q: Can I use them with other binding methods, like plastic coil?
Our wire calendar hangers were made to work with Wire-O® binding specifically, however, we do have some customers who tell us that they use them with spiral coils as well.


Product Description


Wire calendar hangers are a fun, fast, and easy way to make your own hanging calendars. They are stocked in black or white colors for a clean and professional look, as well as in several different lengths from as short as 4" to as long as 12". Because of the versatility of size, you can create mini calendars or larger hanging calendars. The loop is centered on the hanger for easy, and even display.

Ready to get started? First, make sure you have your own printed calendar pages. There are a variety of templates available online, or you can make your own with Word, Photoshop, or any other program of your choosing. Second, you will need a pair of wire cutters. You can get these from most home improvement or hardware stores. Next, you will need a wire punch and bind machine. Whether you choose a manual or electric machine is up to you, depending on the quantity of calendars you need to make. Make sure the machine has a wire closer attached, or you will need to get a wire closer separately. If you will only be making calendars, and not other wire bound books, then a 3:1 pitch machine is likely your best choice as well. Feel free to call (866) 537-2244 and speak with a sales specialist if you need help choosing a machine. Next, you will need a thumbcut puncher to create the half-hole (also called half moon) for the hanger loop. Some larger machines may automatically punch this hole, however, the majority of machines (especially for lower volumes than production) will not, so this little desktop puncher is needed. And lastly, you will need the Wire-O® binding supplies. They come in many different colors and several sizes, but for most calendars the 3:1 pitch 1/4" wire works well.

How to Use Calendar Hangers:
   ① Print your personalized calendar pages.
   ② Punch your calendar pages using your wire punching & binding machine, then punch a half-hole in the center using the thumbcut punch (not necessary for all machinery).
   ③ Place your punched pages onto the open wire.
   ④ Use wire cutters to cut the wire to fit properly around the thumbcut hole.
   ⑤ Place the hanger in the wire with the loop between the cut wires, and use your binding machine to close the wire around the hanger and your pages.

With these wire calendar hangers you can DIY your own wire calendars in just a few simple steps, spending as little as just a couple dollars per calendar. Making your own calendar has become a popular sensation within homes and office alike, and creating a custom calendar from a specialized store can cost you bundles. Save money, and have fun making your own calendars using these calendar hooks.

Whether you're making calendars for sale in your small store, creating them for the staff of your company, or you are an individual making gifts for family and friends, calendar hooks can help you produce a professional-quality calendars from scratch. Individual metal calendar hangers are geared toward low to medium volume calendar making, like the examples listed above. We also offer calendar hanger reels for commercial volume by special request; call us at (866) 537-2244 for a price quote.


Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Part Number CALHOOK CFG
Quantity 100 Hooks

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