Duplo DB-290 Binding Glue (22 lbs.)
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Duplo DB-290 Binding Glue (22 lbs.)

Item #: 05DUPDB290SG
Brand: Duplo
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  • Manufactured by Duplo specifically for the DB-290 perfect binding machine
  • Specially formulated and recently improved to provide the strongest hold available
  • Must only be used in the side glue compartment of the DB-290 or the side-glue option on the DB-280.
  • Packaged in a 22 lb. box
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This specialty perfect binding glue has been manufactured by Duplo specifically for the DB-290 perfect binding machine. It has been specially formulated and recently improved to provide the strongest hold available, without compromising the integrity of your book pages or book cover, and while retaining proper flexibility. When paired with one of these machines, this glue is dispensed perfectly for your particular application, whether it is perfect binding a soft cover book, creating pads of paper, or spine tape binding. This glue is packaged in a 22 lb. box for the side compartment of the DB-290 machine. This added side compartment feature is an upgrade to the DB-280 machine and allows for less-frequent refills and more streamlined production.


Item #05DUPDB290SG
ManufacturerDuplo USA Corporation
Manufacturer Part NumberAAG-DB290SIDEGLUE
Size22 lb.
Compatible EquipmentDuplo DB-290 Perfect Binding Machine
Product Weight (lbs)22
Shipping Weight (lbs)28


The DB-290 Perfect Binding & Padding Machine is a user friendly perfect binder that offers professional professional results. A double pass over the roughening cutter provides superior notching to ensure superb glue penetration for a strong finished bind. Innovative features of the DB-290 Perfect Binder & Padder include two glue drums that provide a more durable bind and additional glue capacity. With a quick push of a button, the DB-290's perfect binding capabilities can convert to a padding function where only the precise amount of glue is added to complete perfectly bound note pads. A safety cover on the notching blade ensures operator safety. Duplo DB-290 side compartment Padding Glue & Perfect Binding Adhesive is packaged in a 22 lb. box.

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is the optimal temperature for melting the Duplo-DB binding glue?
Asked by On The Dot Printing
The optimal for melting temperature for the Duplo DB binding glue is 275° F. The optimal operating temperature for the DB-290 is between 260° F to 290° F.
Answer by Binding101
How many perfect bound books can I make with glue in my DB-290?
Asked by Customer

The "yield", or number of books you can make, will vary quite a bit depending on the size of your book. A smaller book will take less glue to make, so you will be able to make more than a larger book. To determine the yield for your specific book size, you can use the following formula. Check the sample for clarification, and note that this formula is based on 9 lbs of glue that fit into the main compartment of the DB-290, but the lbs / bag may be different.

Formula:  (0.02 x book thickness x length of book spine = X), then (X ÷ 231 = Y), then (Y x 9 = Z), then (50 ÷ Z = total books)

Sample using 11" H x 2" thick book:
\n   •  0.02 x 2 x 11 = 0.44
\n   •  0.44 ÷ 231 = 0.00190476
\n   •  0.00190476 x 9 = 0.01714284
\n   •  50 ÷ 0.01714284 = 2,916 total books

Answer by Binding101

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