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Duplo DB-290 Side Compartment Glue (22 lbs.)

Item #: 05DUPDB290SG

Side Compartment Glue for Duplo DB-290
Side Compartment Glue for Duplo DB-290

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This specialty perfect binding glue has been manufactured by Duplo specifically for the DB-290 perfect binding machine. It has been specially formulated and recently improved to provide the strongest hold available, without compromising the integrity of your book pages or book cover, and while retaining proper flexibility. When paired with one of these machines, this glue is dispensed perfectly for your particular application, whether it is perfect binding a soft cover book, creating pads of paper, or spine tape binding. This glue is packaged in a 22 lb. box for the side compartment of the DB-290 machine. This added side compartment feature is an upgrade to the DB-280 machine and allows for less-frequent refills and more streamlined production.