10" - 15"

If you spend too much time cutting large amounts of paper materials, it may be the right time to throw away the scissors. At Binding101, we offer a wide selection of hand-held and electric rotary cutters that are designed to handle the daily trimming needs of binderies, offices, print shops, photo studios, and all kinds of businesses. We keep our inventory stocked with cutting equipment made by only the best brands in the print finishing industry, such as Akiles, KeenCut, MBM Triumph, OLFA, RotaTrim, and more. No matter what kind of rotary trimmer you are looking for, we have all your needs covered. Shop from our selection to find the perfect rotary paper trimmer for your business today.

Electric rotary trimmers combine the speed and convenience of a powered machine with extreme accuracy of a fine blade, making them great for making perfectly straight cuts on low volumes of paper stock. With a rotary trimmer on hand, you can easily power through banner material, canvas, film, hardboard, laminates, mount boards, silkscreen, vinyl, and other materials. Rotary paper trimmers are also convenient when needing to cut posters, signs, and oversized documents because they are much larger than guillotine cutters. We carry an array of sizes, ranging from 13 to 124 inches long. Many of the trimmers we offer come with clamp rollers to hold large graphics in place for perfect trimming.

Achieve a smooth, clean cut every time by choosing an electric rotary cutter from our selection. By choosing us as your go-to destination for rotary trimming equipment, you can always count on receiving friendly service, fast shipping, and our price-match guarantee. If you can't find the specific rotary paper trimmer you have been looking for, just let us know. We may be able to get it for you, and at an excellent price! Spend $75* and get free standard shipping (click for details). If you have any questions about our selection of rotary trimmers, please don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Email info@buy101.com or call us at (866) 537-2244.

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10" - 15"
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  1. Dahle 550 14-1/8" Professional Rotary Trimmer

    • 14-1/8" Cutting Length
    • 20 Sheet Capacity
    • Self-Sharpening Ground Steel Blade
    • Safety casing around blade


  2. 12" RotaTrim Professional Rotary Trimmer

    • Sizes: 12" - 54"
    • Capacity: 3mm thick
    • Durable enough for all-day, every-day use
    • Designed with the professional photographer in-mind


  3. Dahle 440 14-1/8" Premium Rotary Trimmer

    • Self-Sharpening Solingen Steel Blade
    • Safety casing around blade
    • 14-1/8" Cutting Length
    • 30 Sheet Capacity


  4. 13.75" RotaTrim Monorail Rotary Trimmer

    • Sizes: 13.75"
    • Offers professional trimming
    • Ideal for medium-volume daily use
    • Cuts paper, vinyl, laminate, tissue, and boards up to 2mm thick


  5. Carl PRT-100N 12" Personal Rotary Trimmer

    • 12" Cutting Length
    • 7 Sheet Trimming Capacity
    • Ideal for Personal / At-Home Use
    • Optional Decorative Blades Available


  6. Carl DC-210N 12" Heavy-Duty Rotary Trimmer

    • 12" Cutting Length
    • 36 Sheet Trimming Capacity
    • Heavy Duty Trimmer for Low to Medium Volume
    • Made with Recycled Materials


  7. 15" RotaTrim Professional Rotary Trimmer

    • Sizes: 12" - 54"
    • Capacity: 3mm thick
    • Durable enough for all-day, every-day use
    • Designed with the professional photographer in-mind


  8. Fellowes Neutron Plus 12" Rotary Paper Trimmer - 5410102

    • Cuts up to 10 sheets of 20lb paper at a time
    • Enclosed SafeCut stainless steel rotary blade ensures user safety.
    • Convenient SafeCut blade cartridges are interchangeable for increased design flexibility.
    • Includes 4 types of blades: straight, perforated, wavy and fold.


  9. Carl DC-F5100 12" Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer

    • 45 Sheet Trimming Capacity
    • 12" Cutting Length
    • Folding Table for Compact Storage & Extended Measuring
    • Lifetime Warranty


  10. Dahle Model 507 12.5" Personal Rolling Trimmer

    • 12.5" Cutting Length
    • 7 Sheet Trimming Capacity
    • Self-Sharpening Blade Cuts Both Directions
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty


  11. CARL DC-220N 15" Heavy-Duty Trimmer & Perforator

    • Operating Method: Manual
    • Cutting Width: 15" or 18"
    • Cutter Capacity: 36 Sheets
    • Perforating: 6 Sheets


  12. MBM Triumph™ 1030 13" Rotary Trimmer

    • Fully enclosed safety cutting head and automatic clamp.
    • Features a transparent bar clamp with automatic clamping action.
    • Constructed of sturdy, impact-resistant ABS plastic with non-slip rubber feet.
    • Cutter Capacity: 5 Sheets


  13. Royal Daisy Dial-A-Cut 13" Portable Paper Trimmer

    • 13" Cutting Width
    • 8 Cutting Blade Designs.
    • Straight, Bump, Wave, Daisy, Peak, And Bracket Cuts.
    • Perforation And Score Utility Cutters.


13 Items

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