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Wire-O® Twin-Loop Binding Spools


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Wire-O® spools offer a professional wire book binding finish. Often referred to as twin loop wire binders, Wire-O® binding spools offer an attractive metal finish in many sizes for books. Rolled onto one large spool, this continuous wire binding spine is built to work with many popular automatic binding machines found in large print and binding shops. We stock wire binding spools of the highest quality, manufactured by James Burn. One major benefit of a spool over pre-cut wire is that you can cut it down to any length you need, with less waste.

Wire binding spools come in a large selection of sizes and colors. First, choose from an assortment of professional colors, including black, white, silver, pewter, blue, green, and more. Then, choose the wire diameter that you need. If you need help selecting the correct diameter for your project, take a look at the capacity chart in our product description for some recommendations based on the thickness of your books. Depending on the size you select, the pitch will be pre-determined. Sizes from 1/4" up to 9/16" are 3:1 pitch, while larger sizes from 5/8" up to 1 ¼".

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Spooled Wire-O® FAQs:

Q: What size is best for my project?
Take a look at our product description to see a chart with the recommended wire diameter that is based on your number of sheets and book thickness.


Q: How many loops are on a spool?
The loop count per spool varies depending on the wire diameter. View the chart in our product description for more info.


Q: How many books can I bind with 1 spool?
This will depend on the wire size and length of book. Take the loops per spool, and divide that by the loops per book. For example: if you buy a 3/8", 3:1 pitch spool and want to make 11" books, you take the 47,000 loops per spool, divide that by 32 loops per book, and you get 1,468 total books. This will be the maximum number of books 1 spool will yield, however, we always recommend you consider the possibility of waste. The amount of waste will depend on several factors, most notably: the operator and equipment being used.

Product Description

For bulk wire binding in your large print or  binding shop, buy wire binding spools online at Binding101. We offer only the highest quality double-o wires from James Burn, available in a huge selection of sizes and colors to fit your exact needs. Whether you need small 3:1 pitch wires or large 2:1 pitch wires, we stock the wire spools that you need.

The premier choice among professionals of all kinds, Wire-O® binding offers a clean finished look that can be found on journals, notebooks, presentations, guides, and so much more. The attractive metal finish looks expensive when compared to plastic bindings, so you are sure to impress your customers. They are built to work with a large variety of industrial and automatic binding machines on the market today. When paired with these machines, twin loop spools offer a very fast and convenient way to bind large quantities of wire bound books.

Choose from many beautiful metal colors, including black, white, silver, pewter, blue, green, red, and more. Books bound with wire spools lay flat when open, and offer a full 360° flip capability, so you can flip the pages over all the way until they touch the back. This makes them a popular choice for calendars, especially when paired with our easy-to-use metal calendar hangers.

Wire-O spools are measured by a loop count, and the loop count will vary depending on the wire diameter selected. For example, the smallest 1/4" wires feature 90,000 loops on one spool, whereas the largest 1 ¼" wires feature 2,900 loops. You can use the chart below to not only see the different loop counts per spool, but also to help determine the best diameter size for your particular needs, based either on an approximate sheet capacity or approximate book thickness. 

 Wire-O Diameter    Pitch     Sheet Capacity*     Book Thickness**     Loops per Spool  
  1/4"   3:1     45 Sheets   1/8"   90,000 Loops / Spool  
  5/16"   60 Sheets   3/16"   60,000 Loops / Spool  
  3/8"   75 Sheets   1/4"   47,000 Loops / Spool  
  7/16"   90 Sheets   5/16"   32,000 Loops / Spool  
  1/2"   105 Sheets   3/8"   26,750 Loops / Spool  
  9/16"   120 Sheets   7/16"   22,000 Loops / Spool  
  5/8"   2:1     135 Sheets   1/2"   11,000 Loops / Spool  
  3/4"   160 Sheets   5/8"   8,150 Loops / Spool  
  7/8"   190 Sheets   3/4"   5,150 Loops / Spool  
  1"   220 Sheets   7/8"   4,600 Loops / Spool  
  1 "   250 Sheets   1"   4,000 Loops / Spool  
  1 ¼"   280 Sheets   1 ⅛"   2,900 Loops / Spool  

* Capacities are approximations that are based on basic 20 lb. bond copy paper. Actual capacities may vary depending on paper stock.
** Book thickness capacities are based on a loose-stack that includes all contents, including cover sheets. To measure the thickness of your stack, lay your full book on a table and measure the thickness without pressing the book down tight.


Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Part Number WIREOSPOOLS CFG
Sheet Capacity Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Recommended Book Thickness Varies Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Binding Style Wire-O Binding
Sheet Size Compatible with Multiple Sheet Sizes

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