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Wire-O® Twin-Loop Binding Spools


Wire-O Twin-Loop Spools, Wire Binding Spool
Wire-O Spool Colors Available + Colored Binding Wires
3:1 Pitch + 2:1 Pitch Wire
James Burn Wire-O® Spool, Twin Loop Binding Spool
Wire-O® Twin-Loop Binding Spines
Wire-O® Bound Book Sample
Wire Bound Books + Calendars
Wire Bound Books
Wire Binding with Calendar Hanger
Wire Binding Baby Shower Guestbook
Wire-O Bindings with Custom Covers
Close-Up of Black Wire Binding Spine

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Packaged Quantities

Wire Size Loops per Spool
1/4" (3:1) 90,000 Loops / Spool
5/16" (3:1) 60,000 Loops / Spool
3/8" (3:1) 47,000 Loops / Spool
7/16" (3:1) 32,000 Loops / Spool
1/2" (3:1) 26,750 Loops / Spool
9/16" (3:1) 22,000 Loops / Spool
5/8" (2:1) 11,000 Loops / Spool
3/4" (2:1) 8,150 Loops / Spool
7/8" (2:1) 5,150 Loops / Spool
1" (2:1) 4,600 Loops / Spool
1 " (2:1) 4,000 Loops / Spool
1 ¼" (2:1) 2,900 Loops / Spool


Wire-O® spools offer a professional wire book binding finish. Often referred to as twin loop wire binders, Wire-O® binding spools offer an attractive metal finish in many sizes for books. Rolled onto one large spool, this continuous wire binding spine is built to work with many popular automatic binding machines found in large print and binding shops. We stock wire binding spools of the highest quality, manufactured by James Burn. One major benefit of a spool over pre-cut wire is that you can cut it down to any length you need, with less waste.

Wire binding spools come in a large selection of sizes and colors. First, choose from an assortment of professional colors, including black, white, silver, pewter, blue, green, and more. Then, choose the wire diameter that you need. If you need help selecting the correct diameter for your project, take a look at the capacity chart in our product description for some recommendations based on the thickness of your books. Depending on the size you select, the pitch will be pre-determined. Sizes from 1/4" up to 9/16" are 3:1 pitch, while larger sizes from 5/8" up to 1 ¼". Need us to custom-cut the wire for you? No problem! Visit our custom wire page for more information on custom wire binding spines.






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