Coverbind CBPF480 Automatic Paper Folding Machine
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Coverbind CBPF480 Automatic Paper Folding Machine

Item #: 04CBPF480
Brand: Coverbind
  • Folding speed: Up to 17,000 sheets every hour
  • Choose between 18 pre-set folds or up to 36 custom folds
  • Double Parallel, Fold Out, Gate, Z, V, and C are common pre-set folds
  • Handles 3.5” W x 5” H to 12.25” W x 18” H sheets
  • Limited 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • 85+ Years Experience
  • Oversize / Truck shipping
  • Brand New


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The Coverbind CBPF480 Paper Folding Machine is quick and simple to set up and has the adaptability to do a range of fold jobs quickly. With its 18 pre-programmed paper folding settings and 500 page capacity holder, this automatic paper folder can fold up to 17,000 sheets per hour*. This is a fantastic solution for churches, corporations, or print shops needing a high-capacity letter folding machine.


Item # 04CBPF480
Manufacturer Coverbind
Manufacturer Part Number 04CBPF480
Model CBPF480
Suggested User Print shop, church, business, school
Paper Size Minimum 3.5” W x 5” L to Maximum 12.25” W x 18” L
Feed Type Friction Feed
Sheets per Fold Up to 4 pages**
Speed Up to 17,000 per hour*
Capacity Up to 500 sheets 20# (75gsm)
Power Voltage 110AC 60Hz
Certifications UL & CE applied for
Color White
Dimensions Closed- 20” W x 33” D x 19” H
Extended- 20” W x 60” D x 19” H
Country of Manufacture Made in the USA
Product Weight 74 lbs.
Shipping Weight 104 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 24” W x 30” D x 27” H
Shipping Method Freight Truck Required
Manufacturer’s Warranty 90 Day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty


Revolutionize your paper folding process with the Coverbind CBPF480 paper folding machine. It features 18 pre-programmed settings and up to 36 custom paper folding possibilities with the ability to fold up to 17,000 sheets per hour* and a feed tray capacity of 500 pages. To accommodate the most common paper sizes, it has pre-set paper sizes for 11", 14", 17", A5, A4, A3, B6, B5, and B4. Pre-programmed folds on this paper folder are Double Parallel, Gate, Fold Out, C, V, and Z.

The Coverbind CBPF480 Paper Folder has a full-color touchscreen control panel that provides an unmatched step-by-step user experience. Users hardly ever need instructions to feed their paper, choose the paper size and fold style, and adjust the paper folding plates. Users also don't have to wait around; they can come back a short while later and find 500 perfectly folded sheets neatly piled on the telescoping conveyor system. With the included specialized multi-sheet feeder, you can fold up to four stapled or unstapled pages at once. You always have a clear view of the job progress with the 6-digit re-settable counter and 8-digit lifetime counter. Improve production efficiency and user convenience with the CBPF480 folder machine from Coverbind.

*May vary depending on the operator, paper stock, fold type, and other factors.

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Coverbind CBPF480 Expert Review

The Coverbind CBPF480 paper folder is the solution to all of my paper folding struggles; no more papercuts or long hours needed to fold by hand. I love how simple it is to set up and use for anyone – with little to no instruction. This paper folding machine has 18 pre-programmed folds with popular folds such as Z, V, C, Double Parallel, Gate, and Fold-Out. If these aren't unique enough, you can program up to 36 additional folds for your pages. The full-color touchscreen control beats out on competitors; easily set your job up and press start. It's that simple.

The CBPF480 paper folding machine also counts your sheets as they’re folded and displays them on a 6-digit counter. It also has an 8-digit lifetime counter for personal use. This letter folder has a loading tray of 500-sheets and an hourly letter folding capacity of 17,000. And with the optional, extended, multi-sheet feeder, you can fold up to 4 pages simultaneously, even if they're stapled.

The top thing to consider before purchasing your letter folder is how many sheets a day you’re needing to fold. The CBPF480 might be overkill if you don't need to fold up to 17,000 sheets an hour (or need close to 50 different folding options).

I RECOMMEND THIS FOR:  I recommend this for commercial businesses, printshops, or schools that have to send out weekly mailers, bulletins, brochures. A powerhouse, the CBPF480 automatic paper folding machine is a terrific addition for those that need high-volume output and desire the extra folding possibilities. You won't require a paper folding machine of this capacity if you work in a classroom or a small workplace. For smaller demands, you can check out the "little brother," the CBPF400. This letter folding machine still packs a punch with a 7,500 folded sheet output but has fewer pre-programmed fold options than the CBPF480.

For low to large volume projects, Coverbind has launched a complete line of paper folding machines that can handle every folding need. If you own a large print business, a church that has to fold bulletins, or a school that needs to fold papers for a large student body, the Coverbind CBPF480 paper folding machine is essential. Thanks to the machine's straightforward setup, user-friendly touchscreen LCD, paper size options, and automatic feeding, I only need to load the documents I want to fold and click the button. What is possibly more effective than that?

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