Coverbind CBPF460 Paper Folding Machine
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Coverbind CBPF460 Paper Folding Machine

Item #: 04CBPF460
Brand: Coverbind
  • Folding Speed: Up to 17,000 sheets per hour
  • Choose from 18 pre-set folds or from up to 27 custom folds
  • Handles 3.5” W x 5” H to 12.25” W x 18” H sheets
  • Popular pre-set folds are Double Parallel, Fold Out, Gate, Z, V, and C
  • Limited 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
  • 85+ Years Experience
  • Oversize / Truck shipping
  • Brand New


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The Coverbind CBPF460 Paper Folding Machine offers a quick, easy set-up, and the versatility to complete a variety of fold jobs in minutes. Fold up to 17,000 sheets per hour* with this paper folder thanks to its 18 pre-programmed fold settings and a 500 sheet capacity holder. It’s a great folder machine option for churches, businesses, or print shops that need a high-capacity letter folding machine.


Item # 04CBPF460
Manufacturer Coverbind
Manufacturer Part Number 04CBPF460
Model CBPF460
Suggested User Offices, churches, and schools
Paper Size Minimum 3.5” W x 5” L to Maximum 12.25” W x 18” L
Feed Type: Friction Feed
Sheets per Fold: Up to 4 pages**
Speed Up to 17,000 sheets per hour*
Capacity Up to 500 sheets 20# (75gsm)
Optional Accessories Mulit-Sheet Feeder
Power Voltage 110-240VAC 50/60 Hz
Certifications UL & CE applied for
Color White
Dimensions Closed- 20” W x33” D x 19” H
Extended- 20” W x 60” D x 19” H
Country of Manufacture Made in the USA
Product Weight 73 lbs.
Shipping Weight 104 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 24” W x 30” D x 27” H
Shipping Method Freight Truck Required
Manufacturer’s Warranty 90 Day Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty


With the Coverbind CBPF460 paper folder, you can transform your paper folding process. With a loading tray capacity of 500 pages, it folds up to 17,000 sheets per hour* and has 18 pre-programmed settings and up to 27 custom paper folding options. It offers pre-set paper sizes for 11", 14", 17", A5, A4, A3, B6, B5, and B4 to handle the most popular paper sizes.

The full-color touchscreen control panel on the Coverbind CBPF460 Folder Machine offers an unsurpassed step-by-step user experience. Users require little to no instruction to load their paper, choose a paper size and fold type, and set the paper folding plates. Additionally, users don't have to wait patiently; they can return a short while later to find 500 neatly stacked, flawlessly folded sheets on the telescoping conveyor system. You can fold up to four stapled or unstapled pages simultaneously when used in conjunction with the optional multi-sheet feeder**. The vertical stacker, which can stack up to 22" of perfectly folded pages, is another optional addition for better productivity and organization. With the Coverbind CBPF460 Paper Folder's 6-digit resettable counter and 8-digit lifetime counter, you can have complete audit control.

*May vary depending on operator, paper stock, fold typer, and others factors.

**The optional multi-sheet feeder folds up to four sheets at once, stapled or unstapled, using a specialized feed system with its own side guides and skew correction mechanism.

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Coverbind CBPF460 Expert Review

The Coverbind CBPF460 paper folding machine is speedy, versatile, and easy to use. Set-up is simple and I can use it right out of the box. The full-color touchscreen allows me to easily choose my fold options, set up paper sizes, and get started. The loading tray can hold 500 sheets so I can set up multiple jobs with no issues or confusion. Without being overwhelming in size, it can easily fold up to 17,000 sheets per hour and I don’t have to stand close by.

I also like the versatility of this mid-size letter folder. It’s capable of handling all kinds of paper sizes, from 3.5” W x 5” H to 12.25” W x 18” H. I can complete multiple jobs without having to stop and set up each one. It comes pre-programmed with 18 popular paper folding options, but I can add 27 more for complete customization with my jobs. Being able to access these pre-programmed options on the LCD lets me set up my jobs at lightning speed with little navigation on the menu.

The CBPF460 is highly effective but if you don’t need the high output or few dozen fold options, you can check out the “little brother”, CBPF440. The CBPF440 paper folder can easily knock out 7,500 sheets every hour with a tray capacity of 250 sheets. This little brother is also a bit smaller than the CBPF460, so you don’t need a dedicated workstation.

I recommend this letter folder for larger churches, universities, businesses, or print shops that need the high fold output and would benefit from the fold choices. This paper folder also has an optional multi-sheet feeder so I can fold up to 4 sheets of paper at a time (stapled or unstapled). Having this option allows me to get creative with my jobs and knock out another task on my to-do list.

Paper folders overall are a great asset to any company that needs to send out mailers, information, or marketing materials. If you need a recommendation for the best paper folder on the market, the Coverbind CBPF460 easily gets my vote. I stay impressed with the folding output speed, endless folding choices, and ease of use. It’s never been easier to knock out 10s of thousands of sheets and the amount of time that I save is priceless.

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