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CoilMac EPI Plus Binding Machine | Binding101 Zoom

Akiles CoilMac-EPI Plus Electric Punch & Electric Coil Inserter

Item #: 04AEPI41ELECO

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An upgraded and improved version of the CoilMac-EPI, the EPI Plus by Akiles offers several additional features, expanding the versatility and functionality of the machine even further. Electric punching is activated with a foot pedal for convenience, allowing both of your hands to be free to handle the document. With oval shaped holes, inserting the coils using the electric inserter has never been easier. When you use the spine shaper on the machine to create the ideal spine-curve and couple that with the oval holes, the coil will go through smoothly and quickly, with less catching than traditional round holes. The CoilMac-EPI Plus also has 100% disengageable punching pins, so you can force the machine to not punch specific holes; this allows for complete customization of the binding edge for all paper sizes, and lets you create unique punching patterns. These additional features, combined with a 20 sheet punching capacity (20 lb bond paper), and a heavy duty motor make this machine the perfect choice for print shops, offices, law firms and anyone else who needs to bind presentations, books, manuals, etc. in larger quantities daily, or frequently throughout the week. Buy the Akiles CoilMac-EPI Plus electric punch with electric coil inserter online today.


Product Description

The CoilMac-EPI Plus Electric Punch and Electric Bind (4:1) is the first all-in-one unit that offers both electric punching and electric coil inserting in one compact unit making Spiral Binding fast, easy, and convenient. The CoilMac-EPI Plus offers a heavy duty motor and state of the art punching mechanisms. The heavy-duty motor will punch through up to 20 sheets of 20# paper with ease.

The EPI features an Electro-Magnetic Brake, giving it the capability to handle heavier loads, provide a longer life, & always offer trouble free punching. The Reverse (Anti-jam) Function easily removed paper jams due to overfilled waste drawers or overloading the machine with too much paper. The foot pedal operated built-in electric coil inserting machine allows the operator the free working of both hands and complete control of the roller. This drastically reduces time and costs by making the inserting surprisingly fast and easy. The depth margin control allows you to determine how deep set you want your punched holes on the binding edge. This allows for better tear resistance. The U-shaped alignment channel aides in conforming the spine of larger documents to the coil's shape, for faster and easier insertion. This tool is especially helpful with large books. The all metal construction is heavy duty and built to last. The Akiles CoilMac EPI includes our Hand Cutter Crimper Pliers for a complete finishing solution. 

The Coilmac EPI Plus punches oval holes in a true 4:1 pitch, making Spiral Binding 50% faster & much easier! The CoilMac EPI Plus features 4mm x 5mm oval holes that make the coil insertion process easier & faster than ever before. Because a Plastic Spiral Binding Coil is a continuous spiral, the oval holes provide a clear path for the coil as it is inserted into the book. No more struggling over coil that is caught on a sheet in your book! The Akiles "Plus" machines are the first & only pieces of equipment in their class to offer this advanced feature. Scroll down below the specifications for a real-life diagram of the hole patterns. Another difference between the CoilMac EPI and the CoilMac EPI+ is the revolutionary 4:1 pitch with .248" hole spacing that is specifically designed to give you 44 evenly-centered holes in an 11" sheet, providing the most ideal hole to edge-of-sheet margins and easier coil insertion. This hole pattern is 100% compatible with the standard 4:1 pitch coils. 

* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock.


Item # 04AEPI41ELECO
Manufacturer Akiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part Number ACM-EPI41+
Shipping Weight (lbs) 75
Suggested User Large Office
Binding Style Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
Operation: Punching Electric
Operation: Binding Electric
Capacity: Punching 20 Sheets
Included Supplies & Accessories Hand Cutter Crimper Pliers
Diameter Guide
Compatible Supplies & Accessories 4:1 Pitch Spiral Binding Coils
Dimensions 21" x 23 ½" x 15 ¾"
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited
Punch & Bind Capability Yes
Maximum Binding Edge 13" [with Open-Ended Punch]
Open Ended Punch Yes [Allows for Up to 26" Binding Edge]
Throat Depth Adjustable
Disengageable Pins Yes [All 53]
Pitch / Hole Pattern Spiral Binding 4:1 (.248) Oval Holes
Book Size 32mm

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at BUY101CoilMac-EPI Plus Review
by Mallory Morsa
Hi! I am Mallory and I am the editor here at BUY101. I have been with the team since 2008, where I started out as a customer service representative, learning the in's and out's of every product we offer. I then moved into a roll of product management that required even more product research as well as new product training, sharing my extensive product and industry knowledge with our entire BUY101 team, and now, with you in my honest reviews.

Akiles CoilMac-EPI Plus Spiral Binding Machine Review by Mallory Morsa


The CoilMac-EPI PLUS offers more versatility than its sister machine, the EPI standard, which makes it an ideal choice for users with the same volume (small print shops with large daily binding needs, but not to a production-level), but who need the added flexibility for multiple sheet sizes or extra thick books. This is the top-tier spiral coil binding machine, so if you need something for higher volumes, then you would move into the “interchangeable die” heavy duty category of binding punch machines by Rhin-O-Tuff®, such as the ONYX OD4012.

A favorite feature of mine when it comes to binding machines is always the punching pin versatility; because this is a “plus” model of an Akiles machine, all of the punch pins have the ability to be pulled out, essentially stopping the machine from punching a specific hole. I love this because it lets you make custom hole patterns, as well as doesn’t limit you to any sheet sizes. I am also a fan of the reliability and durability of the Akiles CoilMac-EPI machines that can handle creating hundreds of books per day, without much operator effort (because of the electric punching and electric binding features). I also like the fact that this machine is only a tiny bit more expensive than the standard version; those additional features are so valuable, the slight price increase is definitely worth it.

There is no electric crimper on this machine, so the finishing of your coils still has to be done either manually with the included pliers, or electrically on a separate machine, such as the Crimp-@-Coil two-sided electric coil crimper. For the kind of volume this machine is built for, the missing component of an integrated electric crimper is a little odd to me. When researching what customer’s liked and disliked about this machine, I found that there were a few people who indicated that the inner components of the machine broke easily, and that fixing them was a hassle… using this machine in our office for our own binding needs for many years, however, has shown me that as long as you don’t push the machine to the limit, it will work fine and will last for years to come. Just as you shouldn’t drive your car at full speed 100% of the time just because it can go that fast, you don’t want to punch the full sheet capacity 100% of the time.

Akiles has proven themselves to me with their large line of quality binding equipment. I am happy to recommend the CoilMac-EPI Plus to anyone that meets volume recommendations and needs a versatile electric spiral binding punch. The array of features, and the durable punching mechanism make for an office binding machine that will last for years. Great for people who need to make coil books on-demand for clients, or to use within their own office for internal documents (like we do!)

User Reviews

GoodReview by Lisa
Works well for my small shop. Output ranges from probably 50 to 200 books per day. Much faster than my old manual machine. (Posted on 6/30/16)

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