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Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX OD4012 Interchangeable Electric Binding Punch Zoom

Rhin-O-Tuff® ONYX OD4012 Interchangeable Electric Binding Punch (Includes 1 Free Die)

Item #: 04OD4012-CFG

Perfect for print shops and corporate offices with medium to high volume daily binding needs, the Rhin-O-Tuff® ONYX OD4012 is a heavy duty book binding punch that has interchangeable dies, allowing for a huge variety of binding method opportunities including Wire-O, spiral binding plastic coil, plastic comb, 3-hole and many more. The 11" binding edge is perfect for offices that handle letter sized sheets often. It can power through up to 30 sheets at a time* at a speed up to 25 punches per minute, depending on the operator. It comes free with a standard punching die of your choice, and additional dies are also available. Die change is extremely fast and easy. Foot pedal operation leaves both of the operator's hands free to to work with the documents. Ready to offer your customers more? Buy the Rhin-O-Tuff® ONYX OD4012 interchangeable electric binding punch online today.


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Product Description


The Rhin-O-Tuff ONYX OD4012 Interchangeable Electric Binding Punch is capable of punching a variety of hole patterns for multiple binding methods including plastic comb binding, spiral coil binding, wire binding, and more.  Each interchangeable die has a unique punching pattern and fully disengageable pins for punching standard and unusual sheet sizes.  Inserting and removing the dies is so quick and easy that switching between hole patterns takes only seconds.

The ONXY OD4012 has an 11" open ended throat.  Punching binding edges of 11" or smaller can be done in one press of the foot pedal.  The open ended throat allows for punching longer binding edges in only two lifts.  This punch has both an Auto Reverse Feature as well as a manual reverse feature to reduce jamming of the punch.  The robust motor helps power through up to 30 sheets of 20 lb. paper at once.  The actual capacity rating depends on the die's specific hole pattern.  

Rhin-O-Tuff has been a leader in producing reliable and durable binding equipment for decades.  They made no exceptions with the OD4012 and back this machine with a 3 year warranty.  Other Rhin-O-Tuff models, made for higher volume usage are available.


  • Manual and auto-reversing functions.

  • E-Z Change Die System.

  • Up to 25 Cycles per minute.

  • Pre-set paper stop.

  • 11" open-ended punch throat allows for wider applications.

  • All punch pins disengageable, perfect for unusual paper sizes.

  • Standard foot-pedal operation. Optional versa switch (hand push button) available.

  • Smooth, quiet and powerful performance on-demand.

  • Large capacity U-View chip tray.

  • All metal construction for durability.

  • One standard die included with machine purchase. Standard die options available for plastic coil, wire-o, plastic comb, velo and 3-hole binding methods. Special options also available.

* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock.


Item # 04OD4012-CFG
Manufacturer Performance Design, LLC
Brand Name Rhin-O-Tuff®
Manufacturer Part Number ONYX OD4012
Suggested User Large Office
Binding Style Multiple Binding Styles
Operation: Punching Electric
Capacity: Punching 30 Sheets
Included Supplies & Accessories 1 Free Standard Die Included [Customer's Choice]
Power Voltage 115 V
Speed 25 Cycles Per Minute
Dimensions 21 ¾" W x 19 ¾" D x 9" H
Certifications CE, UL
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 Year Limited
Country of Manufacture Made in the USA
Punch & Bind Capability No [Punching Only]
Maximum Binding Edge 11" [With Open-Ended Punch for Edges up to 22"]
Open Ended Punch Yes
Throat Depth Not Adjustable
Disengageable Pins Yes, All
Product Weight (lbs) 40
Shipping Weight (lbs) 46

Expert Reviews

Expert Reviewer: Mallory, Editor at Binding101Expert Product Review: OD4012  by Mallory Morsa
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Hi everyone! My name is Mallory Morsa, and I am the product expert at Binding101. I have been a part of the Binding101 team since 2008, where I started out in service and sales, learning our customers' needs and how to offer truly exceptional service. After a of couple years, I moved into a role of product management that required in-depth product research, as well as training of our staff. And in my honest expert reviews, I am proud to share that extensive knowledge with you. Take a look at the product review below, which will highlight both the pros and the cons, as well as identify the ideal customer. If you have any questions or need more information, please call our customer care team at (866)537-2244. Thank you for stopping by, and please check out our Binding101 social media channels by clicking the icons above.


Rhin-O-Tuff® ONYX OD4012 Expert Review by Mallory Morsa

The Rhin-O-Tuff® ONYX OD4012 is a great starter-machine for heavy duty punching, as it is much less expensive then it’s brother, the HD7000, and still offers the astounding quality and heavy duty components that are backed by the Rhin-O-Tuff® 3 year warranty. It works well for small to medium-sized offices and print shops that need the ability to produce multiple types of binding styles for clients and internal documents on a daily basis.

Like the large majority of Rhin-O-Tuff® machines, one of the primary reasons that I love the OD4012 is the interchangeable die capabilities; this means you can punch for coil, wire, comb, and much more with just a simple die change, so you don’t have to invest in multiple machines. This means you can save money, as well as save space by having this all-in-one book binding punch. Not only that, but the dies are easy to change out with a unique quick-change die system so you just pull a handle, replace the die, and lock the new one in by pushing the same handle back into place…it can be done in just a few seconds, so change over from job to job is fast and easy.
It is also a very simple-to-use punch machine; just set the page margins, disengage any pins necessary, install the die, and press the foot pedal to punch your paper. There is no real training or technical-background required to operate it. In addition, I love the sleek metallic black look of the OD4012 (and entire ONYX line); it looks much more expensive than it actually is, and is clean and modern, which can impress clients. It is also very quite when run side-by-side with comparable machines, which means it can be placed in an area with customers and sales staff without affecting communication. Just check out this sound comparison video here to hear the difference.

The ONYX OD4012 is one of the less expensive heavy duty punches, which means that its capabilities are a little limited when compared to the others. For example, it has a punching capacity of about 30 sheets of paper (depending on the die) whereas the HD7000 is rated at 40 sheets, and the HD7700 at 55 sheets. It is also a slightly smaller machine than the others, with an 11” long punch opening for letter size paper. The ends of the opening are open so you can punch longer sheets as well, however, you would have to punch once, flip over your pages, line them up, and then punch them again for anything longer than letter size.
You should also keep in mind that the ONYX line of heavy duty punches are punching machines only, meaning they will only punch the holes in your paper, and not actually bind your book. To bind, you can use a variety of modules either mounted onto the machine, or used side-by-side. Pair with the HD4170 Electric Coil Inserter, the HD8000 Wire Closer, or the HD4470 Plastic Comb Opener, depending on the type of binding you need to do.

The Rhin-O-Tuff® ONYX OD4012 is a good choice for offices or small to medium print and copy shops that need the versatility to handle multiple binding methods ( but may not have the space for multiple machines) and need something that is easy-to-use for multiple staff members. It will look great, create quality punched holes for a variety of binding methods, is a great value for the price, and doesn’t take up too much space.

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