Clear Matte/Suede Report Covers (Pack of 100)
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Clear Matte/Suede Report Covers (Pack of 100)

Brand: Binding101
  • Feature a textured finish, whereas the other covers are smooth to the touch.
  • Texture does not affect the translucency of these clear covers.
  • Either letter size 8 1/2" x 11", or large 11" x 17" cover sheet sizes.
  • Unique alternative to traditional clear gloss and clear matte covers
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Clear matte/suede report covers are a unique alternative to traditional clear gloss and clear matte covers, as they feature a textured finish, whereas the other covers are smooth to the touch. The finish is often called an orange-peel texture, and will help reduce glare and add a unique touch that can help set you apart from the crowd. The texture does not affect the translucency of these clear covers, which still offers a crisp view of your printing underneath. You can buy clear matte/suede report covers online in two popular sizes, including letter size 8 ½" x 11" or tabloid size 11" x 17". We can also custom cut the covers to nearly any size that you need. These transparent plastic cover sheets are unpunched, however, we can custom punch them for a variety of popular binding styles to meet your business requirements as well. Whether you choose to use these textured clear covers as both front and back covers for your report, proposal, or presentation, or you choose to pair them with one of our other report covers, the matte suede cover sheets offer a professional solution. These presentation covers have 100 covers per pack.


Manufacturer Binding101
Manufacturer Part Number CLRMSDCOV GRP
Quantity 100
Material Clear Plastic
Shipping Weight (lbs) 0


If you want the capability to show your presentation sheets through your cover, but don't want the classic clear gloss cover, or the smooth clear matte cover, then these matte suede covers are a great alternative! They have a textured look that, unlike those other report covers, is very unique finish that greatly reduces any glare from lights. It is made of a 10 mil plastic sheet that is easily wiped clean if spilled on, and a premier choice for real estate agencies, schools, and businesses of all kinds. You can buy clear matte suede report covers online in letter size 8 ½" x 11", or large tabloid size 11" x 17" sheets, both packaged with 100 per box. The transparent plastic covers offer a clear view of the first page of your report or presentation, so you can display any custom printed page to your clients.

Use clear textured presentation covers as both the front and back sheets of your document, or use them for just the front and pair them with a different report covers for the backing. No matter how you use them, clear matte suede cover stock adds a high-quality touch that elevates your book to a professional level.

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