Card-It Business Card Punch (Discontinued)
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Card-It Business Card Punch (Discontinued)

Sorry, but Card-It Business Card Punch (Discontinued) is no longer available to buy.

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Item #: 05BUSIPUNC
Brand: Binding101
  • Cuts slits to allow a business card to be held
  • Cuts 1 Sheet of 10pt Cardstock at a time
  • Cuts two diagnal slits
  • Eliminates the need for staples, paper slips, etc.
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Make attaching business cards to marketing materials easier, and more effective when you buy the Card-It Business Card Punch online from Binding 101. This handheld punch creates 2 slits on your fliers and other documents that you can easily slip the corners of your business card into. It cuts through up to a 10pt thick cardstock paper. No more stapling or paper clips needed; just slip your business card into the slits for a cleaner, more professional finish.


Operating MethodManual - Hand Punch
Capacity*1 Sheet of Cardstock (Maximum 10pt thick)
Shipping Weight (lbs)2


It can be said that the business card is the single most important marketing tool any business can use. Business cards are exchanged with customers, prospects, vendors and suppliers. We attach business cards to all sorts of marketing materials and business correspondence. And more often than not, we attach them poorly. 

Business cards are stapled to letters, stuck onto sales literature with double back tape, paper clipped to a bound proposal, or merely tossed loosely into an envelope. Stapling a card makes it hard to remove, tape and adhesive leaves a residue on both the card and the document, paper clips are truly unprofessional, and a loose card suggests an after thought. The Card-It Business Card Punch provides the perfect professional solution to all these problems. 

The Card-It creates two tiny die-cut slits into which the corners of a business card are inserted. The ability to make die-cuts, just like the ones in the pockets of presentation folders, is available to you anytime you use your Card-It Business Card Punch. Isn’t it time you treated your most important marketing tool with the respect it deserves? 

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