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Standard 15pt Vinyl Report Covers (Pack of 100)


Vinyl report covers are very popular for users of all kinds! They come in a large selection of sizes, several professional colors, and are a sturdy 15pt thick with a premium leather-like texture and look. Vinyl cover stock is most often used as the back cover when paired with our extremely popular clear gloss covers, however, can also be used as front covers. Select a size with a window to show a title through, or consider having them custom printed with your information for the ultimate branding and representation for your company. Select sizes and colors are also available stocked with punched holes for either coil or comb binding, and any size and color can be custom punched, or custom cut to size to meet your needs. Vinyl report covers are packaged with 100 covers per pack.

Starting at: $29.99
Qty/Pack : 100 Covers

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Vinyl Cover FAQs:

Q: Can they be printed on?
Yes! We can custom print vinyl covers with your company logo, name, and anything else you wish! Just click the "custom branding" button, or call (866)537-2244 to request a price quote. The minimum order is 100 covers and bulk pricing is available for higher quantities.


Q: How thick is 15pt?
"Pt" stands for "point" and 1pt is equal to 0.001" ( ¹/₁₀₀₀"). So these 15pt covers are 0.015". This is considered a firm cover stock, although is still flexible. We also offer a 17pt premium cover. We are happy to send you a sample if you would like to see the covers before you buy.


Q: Whats the difference between "pt" and "mil"?
When used to measure cover thickness, "pt" and "mil" are the same thickness, so these 15pt covers are equal thickness to 15mil covers.


Q: What size is the window?
Windows are an optional feature, and measure 1 ¾" H x 4" W with rounded corners. They are placed on the center of the cover from left to right, and 3" down from the top of the cover.


Product Description


Vinyl report covers are a step above all other presentation cover solutions; with their durable coated finish that helps prevent tears to the thick 15 point vinyl material, and the premium leatherette textured finish that adds class and style, these regency cover sheets are perfect for a huge variety of users and applications, including reports, presentations, bound books and more. They add a sense of professionalism that you just don't get from a basic paper cover clear cover. 

These thick report covers are available in a large select of sizes, from standard letter size 8 ½" x 11", up to tabloid size 11" x 17". Most sizes come in several colors, all manufactured to match well with corporate logos and color trends, including a dark black, white, blue, gray, green, maroon, and red. You can use these single cover sheets as the front and back, or as just the back cover for your documents, reports, quotes, client proposals, brochures, and more. Is using as the back cover, then consider pairing them with the equally popular clear gloss covers, or possibly a high quality matte frost poly cover that pairs very well.

Select sizes and colors can be ordered either with or without a window cut out. The windows measure 1 ¾" high and 4" wide, and have rounded corners for a clean look. The windows are placed 3" down from the top of the cover, and centered from left to right' the ideal position for a title. Window cover sets are packaged with 100 covers per pack, all 100 of them being punched with the window; so if you need back covers as well, be sure to also buy a pack of covers without windows as well. In addition to this stocked window size, we can also customize the covers with a variety of stocked window sizes, or even create a custom window size that is just for you. We also stock some select cover sizes and colors that are pre-punched for either coil or comb binding, or we can custom punch them to suit your other binding needs. 

Want to take these premium cover stock sheets to a whole new level? Consider having them custom printed with your company logo, brand name, or anything else you require. With a minimum order requirement of just 100 custom covers, and a large selection of customization opportunity, custom branded vinyl covers offer your business the best branding solution for presentations, reports, proposals, and more.


Manufacturer Fibermark
Manufacturer Part Number VINYLCOVER CFG
Quantity 100 Covers
Material 15 pt. Vinyl Cover

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