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MBM 98M Friction Fed Paper Folder

Item #: 04MBM98M

MBM 98M Friction Fed Paper Folder
MBM 98M Paper Folder Features

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The MBM 98M paper folder was manufactured as an upgraded and improved version of the 93M folding machine. It features the same small footprint, but with more features to make the folding process even easier than before. Some of the new features include a test mode, that lets you run a single sheet before running the entire feed tray, so you can check the finished product more conveniently. This test feature helps eliminate incorrectly folded pages without having to ruin an entire stack of pages first. Another new feature on the 98M paper folding machine is a lock plate that separates the rollers. This prevents flat spots, which will provide a more professionally folded and finished page. And lastly, there is no longer any need to reverse the second folding plate when you need to create a double parallel fold, which decreases down-time and eliminates having to open the machine for this common fold type. In addition to all of these new and improved features, the 98M also offers simple push-button operation with a digital control panel that makes set-up fast and easy. A programmable counter helps you keep track of your job while it is in-process by offering a batch counter function and total counter function. With operating speeds up to 7,200 sheets per hour, this paper folding machine is a great choice for small offices and churches who need to fold daily or weekly. Buy the MBM 98M friction fed paper folder online today to improve output speeds while eliminating the hassle of hand-folding pages.





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