4oz De-Solv-It Icky Sticky Stuff Remover Fastback Machine Cleaner
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4oz De-Solv-It Icky Sticky Stuff Remover Fastback Machine Cleaner

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Brand: Fastback
  • 4oz Bottle
  • Manufacturer-recommended cleaner for Fastback machines
  • Extends the life of your system
  • Keeps documents looking professional and clean
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Pair this cleaner with your Fastback binding machine to easily clean the components as a standard maintenance procedure. Because Fastback is a thermal heat/glue bind system, it is normal for the glue to occasionally exit the strip as it is binding, and this solvent cleaner can help remove the excess. The Icky Sticky Stuff Remover is also great for adhesives, clay, crayons, hot melt glue, wax, decals, and much more. Cleaning your thermal tape binder is considered standard maintenance and is useful not only in extending the life of your machine but also in preventing the glue from getting on the spine of your documents. These 4oz bottles are sold individually.


Manufacturer Powis Parker / Fastback
Manufacturer Item # K-212-001
Model Icky Sticky Stuff Remover
Size 4 oz. Bottle
Compatible Equipment Fastback Binding Machines
Quantity 1 Bottle


Cleaning is an important, standard maintenance task for your Fastback tape binding machine (Model 20 and Model 9) as it will keep the machine running well. With standard use, glue can accumulate inside the machine and can potentially gum up the system, as well as create marks on the spine edge of your book. You will know it is time to clean your Fastback binding machine when you start to see these imperfections, or when you simply open the hood of the system and notice glue streaks or globs along the heat plate (caution; only open the hood when compleely cooled). So when it is time to clean your machine, you can follow these general instructions using the De-Solv-It Icky Sticky Stuff Remover, Fastback binding machine cleaning solution.


How to Clean and Mantain your Fastback Model 20 (Process may Vary for Model 9)

  1. Ensure the machine is turned off, unplugged, and completely cool.
  2. Remove the cooling rack (lift and slide forward).
  3. Open the machine. Using the back side of a pen or pencil, stick it in the hole on the bottom, front, right of the machine to pop-up the lid. Lift the lid into the upright position.
  4. Caution: The red portion of the machine is the heating element, so be careful around this piece.
  5. Apply some of the Icky Sticky Stuff Remover to a soft cotton, no-lint pad or cloth  (note: surface is teflon coated, so be sure to use only non-abrasive cloths).
  6. Wipe down the heat plate (red plate), cooling plate (silver plat in front of the heating plate), and between the backup bars/jaws (on bottom of hood).
  7. Lift the cooling plate up to expose the bottom of the heat plate. Use the black wheel on the left to rotate the heat plate and wipe the front of the heater.
  8. If the glue is not immediately removed, give it a few moments to properly dissolve, or repeat the process as-needed.
  9. Place the cooling plate back down & close the hood (lift the hood, release the latch on the right, and drop the hood). Replace the cooling rack.



  • If glue is not cleaned off these components regularly, it can burn and turn brown/black, making it harder to remove. We recommend regular cleaning, depending on you volume/usage.
  • While the hood is open, you can also take this opportunity to use a can of compressed air to clean our the electric components from dust.

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