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2-Ring Binder Mechanisms (Box of 50)


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Used most commonly for top-binding letter size 8 ½" x 11" paper, as well as custom, unique binders, scrapbooks, and swatch books, our 2-ring binder mechanisms are a popular option. Made of a durable metal, these binder spines do not have any boosters, which means your sheet size is not limited. On each end are holes that allow you to use a rivet setter tool to set rivets, which is the most popular way to make ring binders. You can buy top bind letter size 2-ring binder mechanisms online in either 1" or 1 ½" ring sizes, and in round or straight-d ring shapes. The two rings on this ring binder hardware have standard 3 ⅛" spacing between the rings and are packaged with 50 pieces per box.

Product Name Price Qty
2-Ring Binder Mechanisms [1" Round Ring] (50/Bx) Item#112RBM100R
2-Ring Binder Mechanisms [1" Straight-D Ring] (50/Bx) Item#112RBM100D
2-Ring Binder Mechanisms [1 ½" Round Ring] (50/Bx) Item#112RBM112R
2-Ring Binder Mechanisms [1 ½" Straight-D Ring] (50/Bx) Item#112RBM112D

Binder Mechanism FAQs

Q: Can I buy smaller than 1 full box?
Unfortunately we can only sell full boxes of 2-ring binder mechanisms; each box contains 50 pieces.


Q: How many sheets can they hold?

  Ring     Sheet Capacity*     Stack Capacity  
  1"    200 Sheets*     5/8" Thick Stack  
  1 ½"      310 Sheets*     1" Thick Stack  


Product Description

If you have been searching for a unique way to create journals and swatch books, then consider buying 2-ring binder mechanisms online at Binding101. Though most commonly used for top-binding letter size paper on the short 8 ½" edge, these 2-ring binder spines do not feature any boosters on the end, so you are not limited by the sheet size. Our two ring binder hardware is available in two popular ring sizes, 1" or 1 ½", both sizes with the option of either standard round rings, or straight-d rings.

These ring binder spines are a popular solution for medical offices, car dealerships, and other organizations that use two-hole punched paper. The hole spacing is standard, measuring 3 ⅛" center to center. Our two ring binder hardware is available in two popular ring sizes, 1" or 1 ½", both sizes with the option of either standard round rings, or straight-d rings. The chart below indicates the recommended sheet capacity that is determined based on using 20 lb. copy paper, as well as the approximate stack capacity that offers a more general measurement.


  Ring Size     Sheet Capacity*     Stack Capacity  
  1"    200 Sheets     5/8" Thick Stack  
  1 ½"      310 Sheets     1" Thick Stack  


To make your own mini binders with two-ring mechanisms, consider also buying rivets, a rivet setter tool, and thick custom cut chip board sheets.

* Approximation based on standard 20 lb. bond copy paper. May vary depending on paper stock.


Manufacturer US Ring
Quantity 50 Mechanisms
Color Silver
Sheet Size Compatible with Multiple Sheet Sizes
Number of Rings 2-Rings
Ring Spacing 3 ⅛" Between Rings [Center to Center]
Ring Diameter Many Sizes Available
Ring Shape Round Ring & Slant-D Ring Available
Sheet Capacity* [Stack Thickness] Varies Depending on Ring Size
Boosters No

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