18" Glue-On Easel Backs [Single-Wing] (Case of 125) Item#02EASEL1318
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18" Glue-On Easel Backs [Single-Wing] (Case of 125) Item#02EASEL1318

Item #: 02EASEL1318
Brand: Binding101
  • Made of a 75 pt. gray chip board.
  • Size: 18" High [Single-Wing]
  • Color: Gray
  • Self Adhesive: No (Glue-On)
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18" Glue-On Easel Backs [Double-Wing] (Case of 75) Item#02EASEL2318 02EASEL2318


Make POP ads and displays on-demand with these simple 18" tall glue-on easel backs. Made of a strong 75pt gray chipboard, these easels can be used to hold up posted board, thick cardstock, or mounting boards with your marketing displays on them. They are made in either a single-wing or double-wing style for extra stability, and bring the ease of as-needed displays to any user.


Item # 02EASELG18-GRP
Manufacturer Part Number L328-1318S L328-2318D
Quantity 125 Pieces (Single-Wing), 75 Pieces (Double-Wing)
Size 18" High [Double-Wing]
Color Gray
Self Adhesive No (Glue-On)


These 18" high easel backs let you quickly create professional signs and displays. Just apply your glue of choice to the easel and stick-on your print or board. They are easy to use and durable, made of a 75 pt. gray chip board. These medium easel backs are great for tabletop POP ads and marketing, and can be doubled-up for larger boards when you need more stability. Choose from single-wing or double-wing styles.

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