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XyronPRO XM4400 Laminator Refills

Item #: XM4400-GRP

Xyron XM4400 Laminator Refills - Buy101
Xyron Pro Supplies & Machines from Buy101

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Product Name Price Qty
XM4400 Single Sided Laminate [42" x 300'] (XyronPRO# 100082)
XM4400 2-Sided Standard Laminate [38" x 300'] (XyronPRO# DL3800-300) Item#54DL3800300
XM4400 2-Sided Thermal Sensitive Laminate [38" x 300'] (XyronPRO# DL3802-300) Item#54DL3802300
XM4400 2-Sided Standard Laminate [42" x 300'] (XyronPRO# DL4300-300) Item#54DL4300300
XM4400 High Tack Adhesive [42" x 300'] (XyronPRO# AT4301-300)
XM4400 1-Side Laminate, 1-Side High Tack Adhesive [38" x 300'] (XyronPRO# LAT3801-300) Item#54LAT3801300
XM4400 Repositionable Acid-Free Adhesive [42" x 170'] (XyronPRO# AT4306-170)


Buy XyronPRO XM4400 laminator refills online in a variety of styles, including one sided and two-sided lamination. These rolls come in several different widths, and are compatible with the XyronPRO XM4400 cold laminating machine. When combined with the professional laminator, these pressure sensitive laminating rolls can produce a crystal clear finished prints without the use of any heat. The film is acid-free, to prevent degrading your sensitive materials.




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