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Wooden Jogging Blocks


Wooden Jogging Blocks - Buy101

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Wooden Jogging Block [2 ⅞" x 12"] Item#05CHG278JA
Wooden Jogging Block [3 ⅝" x 12"] Item#05CHG358JA


Wooden jogging blocks are used with cutting machines to align paper properly before being cut. The solid wood design is heavy duty and firm, providing a perfect jog up against your cutter guides so you can get a clean 90° angle cut on your entire stack of paper. Much more accurate than using your hands, adding a jogging aid to your plant will also help keep your operators safe by keeping their hands and fingers further from the blade and cutting mechanisms. Wooden jog aid blocks have a rounded, horizontal handle that spans the entire width of the block, so you can grab it at any angle that is most comfortable and gives you the optimum results. Choose from several sizes to find the perfect option for your specific needs. When you buy a wooden jogging block online you can rest assured there will be no damage to your cutter, as they are made of solid wood and feature no screws or metal parts that could potentially scratch or damage your blade.