Surgical Style Disposable Face Masks (50 Pack)
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Surgical Style Disposable Face Masks (50 Pack)

Item #: 97MISDFM
Brand: Binding101
  • BFE Bacterial filtration efficiency rating ≥ 95% (equivalent to N95 mask)
  • 3-Layer filtration that offers a safety guard of comfort and breathability
  • Medical-style disposable face mask made from non-woven cloth
  • Effective at blocking micro bacterial dust and helps to absorb moisture from breath and perspiration
  • 85+ Years Experience
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These comfortable and easy-to-wear medical-style masks are disposable after one-time use. They are made from a 3-layer comfortable non-woven fabric to provide BFE bacterial filtration efficiency of a minimum of 95%, which is the same rating as N95 and KN95 masks. These face coverings are effective at blocking micro-bacterial dust and help absorb moisture from breath and perspiration before they can spread. They are sold in a pack of 50 masks and should be discarded after one use for proper sanitation. They have comfortable elastic ear straps and a bendable nose bar for a comfortable, form-fitting fit.


Item #97MISDFM
Manufacturer Part NumberMIS-DFM
BFE Bacterial Filtration Efficiency≥ 95%
Construction3-Layer Construction
Outer LayerWater-resistant hydrophobic spun-bonded non-woven cloth
Middle LayerMedical-grade melt-blown filtration cloth
Skin-Contact LayerInner skin-friendly hydrophilic spunbonded cloth
High BreathabilityYes
StandardsFDA, CE, ISO, GB/T326110-2016 or better
DisposableYes - Single-use masks
Ear LoopsElastic
Nose BarYes, moldable/adjustable nose bar
SizeOne-Size (Adult)
Quantity50 Masks / Pack


Uncomfortable and ill-fitting masks are a thing of the past when you use surgical-style disposable masks. They feature comfortable elastic ear straps that stretch, as well as a bendable nose bar so you can adjust the fit for your individual face and comfort. These masks offer a BFE bacterial filtration efficiency of a minimum of 95% filtration with three layers of protection against the spread of moisture particles both outward and inward. This mask is a suitable safeguard against airborne dust, pollen, and other allergens, as well as pollutants such as smog. Wearing a mask such as this that covers your nose and mouth and forms a close seal to your skin can also help protect you against exposure to viruses and bacteria, as well as help prevent the spread of your own moisture particles when you speak, cough, or sneeze.


The triple-layer protection of these masks comes from non-woven fabrics. The combination of the comfortable fabric with the stretchy elastic ear straps and the bendable nose bar make these disposable face coverings easier to wear without touching or adjusting them after initially putting them on. It prevents shifting on your face as you speak or just move about life. This makes them a great face mask for trips to the grocery store, work, travel, or any other experience where you may need the protection and security of a face covering. They offer high breathability factor makes them easier-to-wear when extended protection is needed.


This 50-pack of face masks is in-stock for fast delivery within the USA. They can help protect you, your staff, your customers, and your family from airborne illnesses and particles.


Please note that this mask has not been approved for medical use. Masks are final-sale and are not returnable, exchangeable, or refundable.


  1. Gently position the mask to the front of the face
  2. Adjust elastics over ears
  3. Mold nose piece to fit securely around the nose bridge
  4. Pull the bottom of the mask down over the chin

Face Mask Key Features:


  • Disposable
  • 3-layers of protection
  • Outer water-resistant hydrophobic spun-bonded non-woven cloth, inner medical-grade melt-blown filtration cloth, inner skin-friendly hydrophilic spunbonded cloth
  • Effective at blocking micro bacterial dust and helps to absorb moisture from breath and perspiration
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) = 95%
  • High breathability
  • Skin-friendly fabric & ear bands
  • Standards: FDA, CE, ISO, GB/T326110-2016 or better
  • Single-use / non-sterile
  • Wear alone or pair with a cloth face covering; easily fits over most fabric masks

Optional Accessories - Face Mask Lanyards

Protect your ears from the pressure of your face covering or mask using these unique mask lanyards. They easily attach and detach from any reusable or disposable mask style by simply clipping on and off the ear loops.

Choose from a basic/standard style or an adjustable length style for a more customized fit. Mask lanyards are in-stock and available in many colors. No matter your choice, these face mask lanyard attachments can help you keep your mask clean (no more setting it on dirty surfaces), prevent it from falling (no more hanging from one ear and it falling off), and keep it close at hand for quick on/off reference.

These lanyards for face masks are perfect for students, teachers, employees, staff, and anyone else who may need to put their mask on and off often, and want a more sanitary and protective solution.

Standard Face Mask Lanyards

Adjustable Face Mask Lanyards

  • Size: 36" Long. 3/8" Wide.
  • Attachment Style: Bull Dog Clip (Easy Remove/Attach).
  • Material: Strong Woven Polyester.
  • Colors: Black, White, Navy, Royal Blue, Green, Red.
  • Packaged: 100 Lanyards / Box.
  • Starting at $49.99
  • Size: Adjustable from 18" to 30" Long 36" Long. 3/8" Wide.
  • Attachment Style: Bull Dog Clip (Easy Remove/Attach).
  • Material: Strong Woven Polyester.
  • Colors" Black, Navy, Royal Blue.
  • Packaged: 100 Lanyards / Box.
  • Starting at $135.00

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