Wire-O Binding for Universities

Wire-O binding is a popular binding solution for colleges and universities because it looks professional, creating a clean bound book. Sometimes called twin loop wires, these bindings come in many common colors to make it easy for matching with your school colors. The pages are able to turn all the way over from front to back, and the books lay completely flat when open, making it easy to read.

We have also put together a list of the best wire binding machines for universities, which includes both mid-level binders for smaller schools and heavy duty wire binding machines that are designed for daily binding needs in your college print room.

Whether you just need to stock up on wire binding supplies, or if you need a wire punch and bind machine to add to your school print shop or press room, you will find what you need here at Binding101. We also accept your purchase orders from schools and universities so you can pay for the order on Net 30 terms. Questions? Budget restrictions you're having trouble with? Please call us at (866) 537-2244 and we will do everything we can to help.

How to Submit a Purchase Order for your University or School:
Email a copy of your formal purchase order with a valid PO number to info@buy101.com or fax it to (800) 440-8669. Please include the email address for the best contact on the purchase order, including where the invoice should be sent for payment.

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Wire-O Binding for Universities

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  1. Akiles WireMac-EX Electric Wire-O® Binding Machine

    • Electric motor allows for punching up to 25 sheets of paper at a time.
    • Reverse feature to clear paper jams.
    • Fully disengageable punching pins.
    • Wire hanger on front of machine to make putting pages on the wire easier.

    Starting at: $989.00

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Akiles WireMac-EX [3:1 Pitch Model] Item#04AKWIREMEX3104AKWIREMEX31
    Akiles WireMac-EX [2:1 Pitch Model] Item#04AKWIREMEX2104AKWIREMEX21
  2. Akiles WireMac-E Electric Wire-O® Punching & Binding Machines

    • Choose: 3:1 or 2:1 Pitch Model
    • Punch Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Disengageable Pins: Yes, All
    • Operation: Electric Punch & Manual Bind

    Starting at: $1,739.00

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    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Akiles Electric WireMac-E [2:1 Pitch] Item#04AEWIREM2104AEWIREM21
    Akiles Electric WireMac-E [3:1 Pitch] Item#04AEWIREMAC04AEWIREMAC
  3. Akiles WireMac Duo Wire-O® Punching & Binding Machine

    • Heavy duty, all metal construction.
    • Punches and closes both, 3:1 pitch wires and 2:1 pitch wires.
    • Punching Capacity: 20 Sheets
    • Maximum Binding Edge: 14"


  4. Custom Cut Twin-Loop Wire-O Binding Supplies

    • Binding Style: Wire-O Binding
    • Highest quality James Burn manufactured wire.
    • Large selection of colors and sizes.
    • Minimum order requirement starting at just $60.

5 Items

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