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Printed Identification Lanyards (Box of 100)


Pre-printed lanyards come in several different colors, and with different text printed on them to help identify the wearer. They are bold and bright with high contrast lettering, so it is easy to read the text, even from a distance. Buy safety pre-printed lanyards online and use them to identify groups of people. The text is written in all caps for clarity and you can choose from volunteer lanyards, contractor lanyards, staff lanyards, event staff lanyards, and visitor lanyards. All options have a safety break-away feature that will snap open if pulled on, offering the wearer protection against choking and other hazards. They have nickel plated swivel hook attachments that can be used to hold ID badges, keys, security cards and much more. These printed identification neck lanyards are made of UltraWeave™ polyester, which has a silky smooth feel.

Product Name Price Qty
"STAFF" Printed Lanyards [Black w/ White] (100/Bx)
"CONTRACTOR" Printed Lanyards [Blue w/ White] (100/Bx)
"VOLUNTEER" Printed Lanyards [Purple w/ White] (100/Bx)
"VISITOR" Printed Lanyards [Red w/ White] (100/Bx)
"EVENT STAFF" Printed Lanyards [Orange w/ Black] (100/Bx)

Product Description


With Pre-Printed Safety Lanyards, make it obvious who should and should not be permitted in a designated area. These bold and bright lanyards are easy to read and provide consistency within a group. Safety Lanyards are available in 5 generic designs including, "STAFF", "CONTRACTOR", "VOLUNTEER", "VISITOR", and "EVENT STAFF". With the break-away feature, these lanyards are safe to wear around the neck in equipment areas as it simply pulls off when tugged lightly. A swivel hook is attached to each lanyard giving you the opportunity to add badges or other identification attachments. The printing is dye sublimated and the lanyard has a silky feel.

① STAFF Lanyards: Purple lanyard with white text
② CONTRACTOR Lanyards: Blue lanyards with white text
③ VOLUNTEER Lanyards: Purple lanyards with white text
④ VISITOR Lanyards: Red lanyard with white text
⑤ EVENT STAFF Lanyards: Orange lanyard with black text


Manufacturer Brady People ID
Manufacturer Part Number LANYARDSAFE GRP
Quantity 100 Pieces
Size 5/8" W x 36" L
Color Assorted
Material UltraWeave Polyester
Product Type Break-Away
Shipping Weight (lbs) 4

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