Staplex S-700-1NHL Staples & Accessories
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Staplex S-700-1NHL Staples & Accessories

Brand: Staplex
  • For use with the S-700-1NHL Electric Stapler
  • Automatic staplers.
  • Electric foot pedal.
  • Allows for multiple stapling up to 10-1/4".
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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
Staplex® Type DS 1/4" High Speed Staples (25,000 Staples/Box) 05STXDSPK
Staplex® Type LL 9/32" Long Leg High Speed Staplex Staples (25,000 Staples/Box) 05STXLLPK
Staplex® Type RLD 9/32" Thick Wire High Speed Staples (25,000 Staples/Case) 05STXRLDPK


When you buy Staplex® S-700-1NHL staples and accessories online, you are buying manufacturer-direct products that ensure premium quality and the highest quality finished books. The staples come in two different types, either DS standard staples that measure 1/4", or LL long leg staples that measure 9/32" for thicker documents. The footswitch gives you more control over the activation time of the staples; rather than it automatically being driven when sheets are inserted, the control is put at the press of your foot to activate when you tap the switch. Adding the adjustable backstop to your configuration is used to align your paper more accurately. Note: The footswitch and backstop must be purchased together to work properly.


Item # S7001NHLACC-GRP
Manufacturer Staplex®
Manufacturer Part Number S7001NHLACC GRP
Color Silver
Material Metal
Staples / Stitching Wire Staples
Shipping Weight (lbs) 5


Staplex® Staples

We offer staples in two different sizes for you to choose from: type DS standard staples, which are the most common, and type LL long leg staples that have longer leg lengths that are meant for thicker documents. Both are manufactured by Staplex® and made specifically for the S-700-1NHL stapler to ensure a smooth application, a perfect clinch, and a strong hold. These high quality staples are packaged with 25,000 staples per box.

Staplex® 70N-107 Foot Switch

The Staplex® 70N-107 Foot Switch is for use with the S-700-1NHL Electric Stapler. The S700-1NHL is an automatic staplers, however, adding this foot switch (in combination with the adjustable backstop) gives you the control of when to staples, rather than the stapler doing it automatically once paper is inserted. The foot switch will give you the time to straighten your paper and position is perfectly before activating the stapling mechanism with a light tap. Adding the electric foot pedal also allows for multiple stapling up to 10-1/4" at a variety of positions without adjustment. 

Staplex® 70N-BS Adjustable Backstop

The Staplex® 70N-BS Adjustable Backstop is for use with the S-700-1NHL Electric Stapler. The adjustable backstop (in combination with the foot switch) is used for aligning your work when the foot switch is added to the operation. Adding this option to your S700-1NHL Stapler will let you create perfect staples on items that are being stapled first, and then folded. It helps to align the paper squarely so that the staples will also be on the crease of the paper. 

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