Staplex® S-630NHL & S-630NHLA Staples & Accessories
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Staplex® S-630NHL & S-630NHLA Staples & Accessories

Brand: Staplex
  • Manufactured specifically for your Staplex S-630NHL and S-630NHLA triple-headed staplers.
  • Made of a durable metal.
  • Feature chisel points for smooth stapling, even though thicker stacks of materials.
  • 4 Accessories Available
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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
Staplex® Type DS 1/4" High Speed Staples (25,000 Staples/Box) 05STXDSPK
Staplex® Type LL 9/32" Long Leg High Speed Staplex Staples (25,000 Staples/Box) 05STXLLPK


Compatible with the Staplex® S-630NHL and S-630NHLA triple-headed staplers, these staples and accessories are manufacturer-direct and of the highest quality, offering premium performance. Staples come in two types, type DS standard staples that measure 1/4", or type LL long-leg staples that measure 9/32". Adding a footswitch to your stapler lets you activate the staple action with the tap of a foot pedal, which leaves both of your hands free to handle the papers. And the adjustable backstop accessory lets you change how deep you set in your staples, with precision. Refill your Staplex® S-630NHL staple supply or add versatility to your stapler with these supplies and accessories. Note: The footswitch and backstop must be purchased together to work properly.


Manufacturer Staplex®
Manufacturer Part Number S630NHLACC GRP
Compatible Equipment Staplex® S-630NHL Triple-Headed Stapler
Staplex® S-630NHLA Triple-Headed Stapler
Material Metal
Staples / Stitching Wire Staples
Shipping Weight (lbs) 5


Don't buy basic staples elsewhere; stick with premium Staplex® staples that have been manufactured specifically for your Staplex® S-630NHL and S-630NHLA triple-headed staplers. These manufacturer-direct staples are made of a durable metal and feature chisel points for smooth stapling, even though thicker stacks of materials. They are meant to work seamlessly with the above staplers, so will prevent jams and potential damage to your machines. Replacement Staplex® staples are available in two sizes, either tye DS staples that are 1/4", or type LL which are 9/32" long leg staples for thicker materials. In addition to staples, you can also buy Staplex® S-630NHL accessories online, including the adjustable backstop which helps you set a consistent staple depth, and the footswitch, which gives you complete control over when the stapler activates. You will need to purchase the backstop and footswitch together for the functions to work properly.

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