How to make a Calendar using Spiral Binding

April 17, 2018

Learn how to make a calendar using our easy how-to-guide with just 4 simple steps. Custom calendars help you make a statement within your office, for clients as freebies, and more. In these calendar making instructions we will review the most popular technique: Spiral Binding Calendar. Spiral Binding Calendars are attractive and provide an economical appeal.

What You Will Need:

How to Make Your Spiral Binding Calendar:

① Position the paper guide on your binding machine based on your desired paper size. Gather your printed sheets and insert the allotted amount of paper into the opening. When the paper is fully inserted, slide the stack to the left until it makes contact with the paper guide. To make sure all of the edges of the sheets are flush, tap the sides of the stack. Press the foot pedal, push the button, or pull the handle to punch the sheets.

② Arrange your sheets in the desired order. Punch the hole for the tack or nail. Tip: Before punching, flip through the calendar as if it were bound to be sure all pages are in the correct order.

③ Manually insert and spin the plastic coil into the first 3 or 4 holes of your stack. If you are using an electric coil inserter, hold the binding edge of the book with the coil against the activated spinning rollers. If you are not using the electric coil inserter, continue to spin the coil manually all the way through the binding edge

④ Place your calendar flat on the table. Using your right hand, make sure that the red-dot on the cutter & crimper Pliers is facing up. Place the cutting head to the center of the coil & squeeze the handles. It is important to center that cutting head, otherwise the the coil will not crimp. Flip the book over and repeat the steps to cut & crimp the other side.

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